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Jul 20, 2009 12:44 PM

Space rental for a party with freedom of food & drink choices

My wife and I are looking to throw a party to celebrate our recent marriage. The ideal party for us was noted in the archives of this board. Basically, BBQ, beer, and music. The space that was noted in that post was the Brooklyn Brewery Tap Room. This sounded great and we were sold on the idea of doing it at the BB. Unfortunately BB is no longer renting the space. So, we are looking for unique and interesting spaces to rent that would hold 75-100 people, allow us to bring in our own food and drink choices (BBQ, beer, and bourbon). We would like to avoid the local Shriner/VFW/wedding hall type spaces.

THEDUMBOLOFT.COM is currently the only space on our list. We are looking for alternatives. We found the acoustics were very harsh for music and it was very warm temperature wise for a party we attended at the Dumbo loft in the spring.

I realize this may not be seen as an appropriate topic, however I hope the admins see this is a topic other Chowhounders will find themselves researching. A question about facilitating the freedom of food/drink for a party.

thank you!

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  1. What about the Picnic House in Prospect Park? BTW, congratulations!

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      Picnic House has a list of exclusive caterers, so the OP wouldn't be able to bring in his/her choice of food/drink. Also, there are ceiling fans but no A/C, and their calendar tends to fill up pretty fast (i.e. when I checked in late May, most of spring/summer 2010 weekends were booked).

      Smack Mellon Gallery will let you use whatever catering you like. They also don't have A/C, but it seemed well-venthilated in early June. (WTF? If you're doing a summer event ask about this everywhere you consider because you will be surprised.) A little on the expensive side, since it's a raw space and you'll have to bring in furniture, etc., but the view is amazing (right under Manhattan Bridge with a view of the skyline).

      If you like Fette Sau's BBQ & bourbon, you could call and see if they do parties in their space and cut out the middle-man/pig.

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        queens county farm museum. everything you want and more...