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chocolate malts

Does anyone remember the good old days when Woodward's food floor had a malt machine? Army and Navy had one as well. Are they all extinct, or is there a hidden spot in Vancouver where one can still find these tasty treats? If anyone knows, it'll be a chowhound!

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  1. The Bay cafteterias were the last hold outs that I knew of and they, too, have quit serving malts.

    But I thought there was a place on Granville Island that made them from scratch. But its been a while and I can't even think of where on the Island it was.

    1. A malted milkshake (ie with malt powder)? I think you can get those Moderne Burger. Or do you just mean milkshakes that are hand-dipped in an old-fashioned milkshake machine? Whitespot (some locations) have those. I think a number of diner and retro-diner type places have them too. The Roundel on Hastings, The Tomahawk in North Van, The Templeton on Granville St, for example.

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        Not a malted milkshake - these were similar to soft ice cream (but a little softer) that was chocolate malted flavor. But they were never served in a cone - always a styrofoam cup. And they were thicker than a milkshake, you couldn't drink them through a straw (unless you waited long enough to melt them, of course.) I suspect they have gone the way of the dodo.
        I'll try Moderne Burger - but have been craving the real old fashioned thing since it came up in conversation a few days ago. -sigh-

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          I think I know what you mean now. Maybe the PNE?

      2. Moltmonster!
        Thank you for your post - the malts at Woodward's food floor were the best - thankfully, my mom liked them too, so they were often a post shopping treat.
        I have not had anything like them in yarns. It seemed as though for a while some places still had the same machine and the "malt" looked the same, the flavour changed to more a chocolate soft ice cream, and the texture was not the same.

        One other thing that they used to have at the Woodward's basement snack shop in Southgate (Edmonton) was those hot dogs where they used to butter and contact grill the outsides of the pull apart buns. Yum! I guess the buns were sort of like a lobster roll, with the slice through the top down.
        I have often wondered what ever happened to those beautiful grape and turquoise tall stools they used to have there? I recall that the staff ladies in those places were always top notch too!
        Thanks for the jogging the memories!

        1. Oh yes, those malts from The Malt Stop were a special treat during the weekly family Saturday shopping trips to The Bay, Eaton's, and Woodward's. I recall that they were served in old-school glasses.

          Did anyone else eat at the cafeteria on the top floor of The Bay? It was also a special treat for us, as we always had the roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, gravy, and jello for dessert. We kids thought we were so 'sophisticated'! Ah, the memories...

          1. Sorry don't know if they have a similar place in Vancouver. In Calgary here at the downtown Bay on the 2nd floor/+15 level, there's a place called Chicago Franks that had malts. I'm not sure if it's still there any more. I have been to it in the last couple of years.

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              It's still there -- had a chocolate malt in a styrofoam cup there just a few months ago!

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                Yipppee yahoo! I'm heading to Calgary in September and again in October. I'll be sure to get my fill of chocolate malts while I'm there. Thanks for the tip!

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                  in Turner Valley (45 minutes southwest of Calgary) there is a small soda shop called Marv's Classic Soda Shop. Marv (yes, the legend himself) does malts - with the old equipment and everything. Also, if you ask nicely, he will take his guitar down off the wall and sing you an Elvis Presley tune. You can't beat this - it's a beautiful Sunday drive and a fun outing for kids of all ages.


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                    Thought I'd be more precise with the Chicago Franks location at the downtown Bay in Calgary. It's inside The Bay near the entrance to Scotia Place on the 2nd floor, which is the men's clothing department.

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                      jsfoodchat - thanks for that tip. Sadly I will not have time to leave Calgary downtown - I'm going to be there for a conference and won't rent a car. Miss.foodie - thanks for the directions. I'd hate to be so close and miss it....

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                        Ah the good ole days slurping a malt out of those small glasses watching the donuts go around in the automatic donut maker. And the dogs...

              2. Ah yes the good ole days at Woodwards having a malt, watching the donut machine do its thing... I belive they served them in styrafoam, or a small glass similar to a small draft glass.

                1. I know this post is pretty old, but, I used to love those malts from the malt stop. The closest thing I've been able to find is the Wendy's frosty, which is similar, but not exactly the same. If you're still looking, hope that helps!

                  1. I know it's already 2013, but any luck finding a place? The old ice cream shop at the New Westminster Quay used to serve them, but after the Quay went under renos, the ice cream shop isn't there anymore :( I wonder though if the owners set up shop somewhere else. I too am looking for a place that still serves frosted malts, I miss them so!!

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                      There's a new place in BBY Heights. Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary. It's at 4090 Hastings. We were there yesterday and split a chocolate malt. OMG! Will not disappoint.

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                        thank you very much - i cannot think of any other place in Okanagan or Greater VAncouver -

                        does anyone know how to make one at home? (Choc Ovaltine?)

                    2. http://glenburnsoda.wordpress.com/boo...

                      New "old-fashioned" soda shop on East Hastings (Burnaby Heights) might be a good bet.

                      1. YES! absolutely at Woodwards. I had forgotten about that - Park Royal.

                        one also used to be able to order some similar flavour at DQ

                        but no more. I have asked.

                        (also - what was the remnants of a "dining room" at the HBC downtown Vcvr is now fancy department store menswear area)

                        nowadays, sometimes i resort to choc Ovaltine powder (avail at most supermarkets in the hot chocolate section) - make it yourself at home (ie your own milkshake). It is not the real Vcvr old days at Wdwd's - but it works for that certain flavour hit.

                        1. I think the malts from malls are dead. Anyone under 30 doesn't even know what a frosted malt is, or they will tell you that they sell them at Wendy's. No, no. That's NOT a frosted malt! That's more like the taste of Nestle Quik that's been put through a food processor! Blechhhh.

                          Fancy ice cream shops may have malts but they will inevitably be milk shakes with malted milk powder and will not be anything like an old school frosted chocolate malt.

                          You may have to make your own and luckily it's not hard. Get regular chocolate ice cream - the cheap stuff that they sell in buckets not the gourmet stuff. Then sprinkle in a bit of cinnamon, and a heaping tablespoon or two of plain Carnation malted milk powder and mix it all until it's soft serve consistency or chuck it in your Magic Bullet. You may need to buy the malted milk powder online, like eBay or Amazon.com, but the shipping will be higher than the cost of malted milk powder. However, they sell malted milk powder in most of the larger grocery stores in the U.S.

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                            Malt powder was available at the bulk food store in Granville Island a couple years ago.

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                              I used to get it at the basement of Eatons in Brentwood Mall.

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                                +1 those malts at Eaton's Brentwood were the best!

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                                  Did you live in the area ? What era ? :-)

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                                    Lived near the original Little Billie's Pizza (now Cindys Palace) on Nanaimo St. 1964 'til the mid 70's. Also hung out at Joe's & Flo's (now Bon's Off Broadway). Ahh, the good ol' days!

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                                      I remember Little Billy's Pizza ! Gotta love those '70s Greco-Roman restaurant exteriors :-)

                                      J&F ... hmm, can't recall that one.

                                      There's a thread in Not About Food on restaurants' "Bad Names", and I mentioned the old Sambo's on Lougheed (where either the Cactus Club or Boston Pizza is now). And across the road was the drive-in theatre ......

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                                        if you can post the link to "bad names" that would be great

                                        there was the "chat and chew" in Princeton BC - that was our highlight milepost of long drives over the Hope Princeton as kids in the early 70's - back seat entertainment before dvd players and iPods / iPads / whatevers ; )

                                        and yes - I like real malt - not Wendys - the DQ in Princeton used to make a decent choc malt shake - but - no longer a DQ flavor

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                                          Here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/930117

                                          '70s backseat entertainment = beating up on your friends or siblings. Seat (lap) belts ..... optional.