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Jul 20, 2009 11:51 AM

naoe japanese restaurant

I am looking forward to dinner on thursday-
any suggestions?

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  1. go to the first seating and get there first to get a seat at the bar.

    1. It's out of your hands now as it's entirely omakase service. Pick a sake or drink Sapporo (on tap) and relax. Go with someone who's not a picky eater and is a good conversationalist (or bring a good book). Chef Cory's gotten better about turning the bento out in about 1/2 an hour, but if you want to try all the nigiri he has to offer, it will still be a 3-4 hour meal. As my wife reminds me, you don't HAVE to eat everything though. Keep in mind that while the bento is very reasonable at $26, the nigiri at $2-8 a piece (and 2 pieces per round) can quickly add up. If there's allergies or dietary restrictions, let them know at least a couple days in advance.

      Enjoy - here's a preview ->

      1. what they said. I think the most important thing is to calm down and pay attention. I always tell people, Japanese cuisine is unlike all others in that it demands you participate and pay attention. It's almost designed to force you to slow down and focus on the meal ahead of you. I think that is part of the great allure to great Japanese cuisine.