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Recommendations for Best NY Style Cheesecake in Area

Please weigh in on where to find decent NY Style Cheesecake in the area

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  1. I've had some yummy, NY-style cheesecake at Kramerbooks and Afterwards (sometimes they put whip cream on it though. I ask for it without it).

    My friend really liked the cheesecake at Ray's the Steaks in Silver Spring (I think it was that one...across the street from the AFI Theater correct?). The cheesecake looked amazing. I had just had a huge dinner and was working on my key lime pie so I didn't get to taste it but everything else there was excellent, so I imagine the cake is too.

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      Surprisingly.... Safeway's "Select" frozen cheezecake is as close to the real thing that you can get in the DC area

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        Maybe I was thinking of Ray's the Classic...or perhaps they both have really yummy cheese cake. Which is the one across the street from the AFI Theater?

      2. Cioada, I can give you several examples of what I consider great NY style cheesecake in this area. However, every New Yorker (including some in my own family) I know scoffs at my suggestions.

        In New York, it seems that the ideal for NY style cheesecake comes from Junior's Restaurant, in Brooklyn.


        A few years ago, my sister brought several of these cheesecakes down during a visit. I had to admit that there was something extremely different about them. They are much drier than the type of creamy cake we seem to regard as the norm. (My pal from NYC used to say that our cheesecakes were more like "sweet bagel shmear".) Also, there is much less emphasis on graham cracker crumbs and crust. It's a different experience and New Yorkers seem to really have a sense of cheesecake superiority when it comes to touting Junior's. That being said, I have to say that their cheesecake is a bit too dry for me and I prefer the bagel shmear variety. :


        The cheesecake at the Hollywood Diner in Rockville is wonderful. The Cheesecake Factory's Dulce De Leche cheesecake is untraditional, but luscious. The frozen cheesecakes at Trader Joe's are actually very much like the Junior's cheesecake.

        1. Try the "store bought" cheesecake at Smith & Wollensky. Allegedly, they actually bring it in from a NYC bakery.

          1. The cheesecake from Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring is advertised as being "brought in" from the Carnegie Deli. I had it and liked it but they use a sugar cookie dough on the bottom and sides and I think I prefer a graham cracker crust. Cheesecake factory's is ok; still not sure if I like the sour cream topper on the plain cheescake. Do enjoy the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake but Im a traditionalist and enjoy plain one's better,,,,,

            1. Have you tried the one from Trader Joe's?

              1. Being from NY I can't help but think of Juniors when I think of cheesecake. In that regard, I've heard rumor that there are actually a few places in Baltimore that sell Juniors, but I can't remember the specific locations, sorry.

                1. Whole Foods in Clarendon used to sell one in the frozen desserts dept - but they discontinued it - which is too bad. It wasn't too big of a "pie" and it wasn't too expensive - and it was delicious. Don't know if other Whole Foods in the area still have (or ever had) it.

                  As a former resident of Manhattan, I'd vote for Junior's, too, though.

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                    See...what did I tell ya? You just can't convince a NewYorker that Junior's isn't the best cheesecake. I believe they now ship through the mail, if you feel inclined to try it.

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                      I was at Santini's in Reston recently and asked about the cheesecake they sell near the cash register. The woman told me it was from Junior's.