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Jul 20, 2009 11:29 AM

New "Asian" restaurant in Catonsville (and a bakery)

In the One Mile Shopping Center off Route 40 (the shopping center with Toys'R'Us and Panera Bread), there was a Chinese restaurant named "Golden China". That restaurant is now under new management and, although the sign still reads "Golden China", is now called Q's Asian Cafe. From what I can tell, the place is Chinese-owned. However, the menu is one of those trendy all-encompassing "Asian" menus. There are a few interesting items on the menu... well, at least for us Catonsvillians those items are interesting. If you stop by or call, ask for Nancy. I've had some good conversations with her, but I haven't tried anything yet. They have a scan of their menu on their website. The rest of the site including the phone number is inaccurate. It's probably some sort of template so don't get too excited about their 30-yr old family recipes for spicy seafood dishes. ;)

6600 M Baltimore National Pike

Side note: Right next door is Baker's Park, a relatively new bakery. I've been slowly going through their offerings (and to the Bally's across the street) and usually their fresh items are quite good. Unfortunately, you have to pry a little. Just asking what is "fresh" is not good enough. You have to specifically ask what was baked that day. Sometimes you'll get an answer like, "Yes, this was just baked last night" which is still not good enough. The baker is a bit chocolate-crazy, but she will accomodate requests, e.g., for a canolli without chocolate ganache on the shell. Also, they regularly have Salty Dogs.

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  1. I second Baker's Park. The owner is very friendly and is willing to customize just about anything. The peach "cobbler" (which is really more of a cake in my opinion) is excellent.

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      The peach "cobbler" is good. It's made with frozen peaches instead of canned. However, the price for it went up to $6. I'm hoping that's a temporary thing. The bread pudding is also excellent and is relatively affordable at $3.

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        Walked in today as she was taking muffins out of the oven. Got cherry-almond and apple strudel. Texture/moistness wise, excellent. Cherry-almond has very strong flavor (reminds me of almond paste I get from Italian stores) and you need the cherry filling on the bottom of the muffin to balance it out. Personally I'm not too fond of artificially fillings, but I could see the flavor combination really appealing to some. Unfortunately, it can't be eaten on the go because the cherry is literally on the bottom. I like her apple filling better and she uses some of that in her apple strudel muffin, which I thorougly enjoyed. This one also had a dry bottom.

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          BTW, there are coupons in the ValPak I got in the mail today for both Baker's Park and MangoBerry.....

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            I saw MangoBerry, must have missed Baker's Park. Hmm... mine doesn't seem to have Baker's Park!

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              Sounds like we have to meet up and go together...

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                I'll leave my info with the baker for you and we'll do it!

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                  Did you forget about our appointment? Or maybe it was just small talk? I sound like such a loser, haha... probably take my baked goods a bit too seriously. ;)

                  Bakers Park and I have had a love/hate relationship as of late. Prices are going up. Bread pudding price has now gone up 50 cents. Some of the cakes slices are up $1. I'm happy they are getting busier with custom orders. Unfortunately, this means they are now preparing more and more things ahead of time, either refrigerating them or freezing them and defrosting later. I haven't had a fresh, crisp cannoli shell there in quote some time. Still, Wami (the owner/baker) does find the time to introduce new items every now and then. Most of the baking happens on Wednesday and Thursdays. I find it best to call late morning on those days, ask Wami what she is baking, ask her what time she expects certain items to be ready, and come in at that time. This way I can also get customized items, e.g. napoleans with less cream and lighter marble glaze. Last week I had an excellent peach muffin. Today I had a very good apple bread pudding. I wish the web site would not claim "We make all of our... baked goods fresh from scratch every morning." The day old rack is more like the week old rack (literally). Also, I don't understand why the Peach Cobbler is now "Grandma's Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler" when it's really not grandma's or old fashioned. However, I haven't found anything quite like it in the area. And when it's good, it's really good.

      2. We've been working our way through Q's Asian Cafe's menu all summer. Overall, it's been quite good and dare I say excellent relative to the other offerings in the Catonsville area. I'll hope to provide a detailed review soon, with tips and tricks to get the best from the kitchen. The carryout sushi was a pleasant surprise, too. But I guess it's not too hard to beat out the local competition considering the food courts inside H-Mart and Hanoori (right next door to H-Mart) were the only other real options for carryout sushi in the area.