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Jul 20, 2009 10:37 AM

Favorite Brewed Coffee in Park Slope

When my grinder broke about two years ago I quit caffeine for about 6 months, then I got back into drinking coffee in the office, but I haven't gotten back into making it at home, so on weekends I pick up a cup. Naidre's is my go-to place when I want a really good good cup of Joe. Great coffee, nice folks, nice vibe. I've found Ozzie's really varies from time to time, and Sweet Melissa and Cocoa Bar both have dreadful coffee. Closer to home I go to Connecticut Muffin. I was sorry to see Lonelyville on Prospect Park S.W. close--loved their coffee and the backyard.

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  1. I like South Slope Coffee on 6th Avenue and 20th Street. They brew Intelligensia coffee. I also like Red Horse Tavern on 6th and 12th and Cafe Regular on 11th between 4th and 5th. South Slope is the best of the three for a regular cup of coffee.

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      South Slope is the beans for me. Even their few pastries are pretty good, especially the scones. The espresso coffees are great, but generally I prefer a good, strong, dark French Roast. Their press grind is the best anywhere within my daily travels (Kensington, WT, Slope) BUT it's just not as hot as I'd like. I suppose that's a characteristic of the French press. Unfortunately for me, it's a consideration that can be a turn off.

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        I'll stop by South Slope on one of my walks to or back from Sunset Park. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Cafe Grumpy opened in Park Slope last month.

      1. I agree with you about the very low quality of the coffee at Sweet Melissa, though I'm not much of a fan of the coffee at Connecticut Muffin, either. (And don't get me started on their "smoothies"!) Both Naidre's and Gorilla make a consistently good cup -- though for me, in the mornings, there's nothing better in the Slope than the cappuccino at Cafe Regular. Absolutely outstanding -- among the best I've ever had, anywhere.

        1. The new Cafe Grumpy makes excellent, coffee-geek-quality coffee, but the general vibe is a bit austere for my taste and I'm not a fan of their muffins; if I'm grabbing a cup of coffee to take elsewhere, I buy theirs. My favorite place, though, is probably Parco, a little further south, which has the added benefit of really great, if massive and not particularly traditional, croissants.

          I've never been able to get behind Naidre's. They've lost my order too many times without so much as an apology, and I no longer care to wait. Plus, the chalkboards they put outside attacking the new coffee place (since closed) across the street last year were a big, unnecessary turn-off in my book.

          1. hasn't the stumptown craze hit park slope like it has cobble hill?

            they opened cafe pedlar in cobble hill w/ the Frankies people and now it seems half of cobble hill is serving their brew (one girl cookie, apt 138 are the ones I know of anyway).

            I love their coffee and in particular, the fact that the caraffe of serve-yourself comes from a dozen or so french presses.

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              Sit and Wonder in Prospect Heights serves Stumptown - it's on Washington and St. Marks... can't think of any in Park Slope offhand.