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Jul 20, 2009 10:30 AM

rehoboth advice- first week of august?

so this is what i was thinking so far. we will be there from sunday- wednesday.

oysters + happy hour beers at fins

rooftop reservation for the cultured pearl

dogfish burger at happy hour

nage sunday seafood dinner ( maybe? any experiences with this particular nite at nage would be helpful)

and maybe chinese at confucious?

also looking for a really good crab house with a water view and also dog-friendly spots.

recs and help will be greatly appreciated. every single one of us that is going is in the industry and has high expectations. but we can appreciate things that are just good food- not necessarily fine dining. some in our party are on a budget. 2 waitresses, a garde manger, 2 cooks and a chef. jeez. THANKS.

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  1. tinymango, I like your choices a lot.

    For "just good food- not necessarily fine dining" we go to El Dorado behind McDonald's for fish and shrimp tacos.

    This is a good thread in reference to budget meals:

    I have seen dogs recently at Kindle's outdoor tables in Lewes. I have also seen dogs at Arena's and Big Fish, two very good restaurants which are side-by-side on Highway One. Most likely dogs are also welcome at the downtown Arena's. I have read here at Chowhound about some Baltimore Avenue restaurants that welcome dogs also.

    I cannot think of a crabhouse with a waterview, but perhaps other commentors will know of one nearby. You might enjoy picking crabs outside at Ed's in Dewey. Our go-to local crab place is Lazy Susan's. We were there recently and paid $50 for a dozen huge crabs and a pound of shrimp and cannot wait to go back.
    I did recently read in Coastal Living about Sneaky Pete's in Ocean City but have never been. You would have to drive all the way to the bridge at the end of the highway, but it is an open-air bar-type restaurant on pilings in the bay. You would definitely get those ocean breezes and a very nice view. It is on my family's bucket list. That slow drive might not be worth it, but I thought I would mention it.

    I hope you and your friends have a wonderful week here.

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      Ed's probably welcomes dogs and Sneaky Pete's might also.

    2. There's a new restaurant called CoCo Mango's that definitely welcomes dog. I can't remember if it's in Rehoboth or Lewes, though.

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        CoCoMango is across from The Dairy Queen at Lewes Beach. Here is an article from our newspaper about it: