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Jul 20, 2009 10:11 AM

Lunch or dinner near Huntington Library & Deer Park Auto Museum & Winery

We're planning to spend a day at the Huntington Library in San Marino. Any suggestions for lunch or dinner? Somewhere not too expensive that would suit one vegetarian & two adventurous eaters?

Also, what about in the vicinity of the Deer Park Auto Museum & Winery?

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  1. I don't think that Deer Park Winery is still open. Don't know what happened to them, but the gate has been closed full time for a long time and the website doesn't work.

    As far as the Huntington Library is concerned, you should search the Los Angeles board

    1. We had lunch at Din Tai Fung when we went to the Huntington.

      1. Lunch or dinner near the Huntington ...

        Cafe Verde
        Daisy Mint
        Tibet Nepal House
        La Grande Orange
        Green Street

        1. Julienne's is a pretty solid (and popular) place for brunch and it's pretty close to the Huntington Library.

          1. If you want to stay on the grounds for lunch, make reservations at the Huntington's tea room - don't eat in the cafeteria, though.

            That said, I'd vote for Julienne.

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              i like both those suggestions, and i'd throw in a few more for different types of food:

              yoshida (not sure if they're open for lunch)
              saladang/saladang song
              maison akira (not sure about they're lunch situation either)

              1. re: Selter Head

                Third vote for Julienne - it's just the place to put you in the mood for the Huntington. I love the Huntington in almost every way, but I visit the food areas only for thirst-quenching, and then only if my companions insist.