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Jul 20, 2009 10:04 AM

Uses for Pickled Peaches?

Does anyone know what one does with pickled peaches? We were given a jar of homemade, home-canned, and they look beautiful, but I have no idea what to expect when I open the jar. Are they sweet? Savory? Vinegar-y? What would you serve them with? Or would you eat them all by themselves?

I did a quick search for them here, and basically I found a lot of things about pickles and peaches, but nothing together :-)


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  1. they're sweet & sour, so depending on your preferences you can enjoy them with sweet or savory dishes. they're great with vanilla ice cream or yogurt, or as a side for baked ham, roast turkey, or buttermilk fried chicken.

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      Oooh... that buttermilk fried chicken sounds perfect. Thanks! I was terrified of opening them and being completely (off putting-ly) surprised.

    2. at a restaurant I went to this weekend, one of my tablemates raved about his appetier, which had pickled peaches layers with lots of dungeness crab and some thinly shaved fennel.

      1. A nice addition in a simple green salad
        Served along side a piece of grilled fish
        Diced and added to cold rice salad
        Added to fish tacos

        1. A great way to use the vinegar is to heat it til just warm and add a little apple juice and brandy. A great toddy before bed or before a roaring fire.

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            hey there - sorry,it's been a while since I've been back. That sounds delicious! Thanks for the suggestion.

          2. I was surprised (years ago) to be served a bowl of pickled peaches for dessert...I was expecting them to be, well, like pickles, and was delighted to find them spicy and sweet with just a little bit of tang. Yum.