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Jul 20, 2009 10:02 AM

10th Anniversary - Toronto

I will be spending my 10th anniversary with my wife in Toronto this coming weekend.
We will be staying downtown, and we are looking for restaurant suggestions.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Something romantic, low lighting/candles (if possible), food must be excellent along with service.

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  1. Pretty sure this conversation has been had a million times on this board before, but I can save you the search and tell you the general consensus for "romantic special occasion" is Scaramouche. Be sure to reserve ASAP, ask for a window table, tell them it's your anniversary, etc.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      Thanks for the reply, I've searched the boards 'after' I posted this, there is definitely enough info around. Scaramouche is one of the top ones I'll be looking at.
      I'm looking for that 'hidden gem' in Toronto, known only by the locals... that would be something I'd love to get into.

    2. A favourite & spectacular hidden gem of ours, is Trattoria Giancarlo.

      1. One of my favourite "hidden gems" is Amuse Bouche. Local and seasonal menu focus, pretty little "secret" patio, and worthy of occasion dining.

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        1. re: Rabbit

          I second Amuse Bouche. I live in the area and I have gone a number of times and it has great food and service and a very intimate feeling. The food has a very sexy feel to it imo.

          I am always confused when Scaramouche is touted as a romantic intimate spot. Everytime I have gone (I have sat by the window on two of those visits) it is packed and noisy. The food and service were always great but it was like having an intimate dinner with a hundred people. The view is good, though not as good as Canoe's (and the food is not as good as Canoe's either). While it is a great restaurant it falls short imo on what most people look for in a romantic spot, it lacks intimacy.

          The place that combined the best food and ambiance for a romantic/intimate night was Lee's tenure at Splendido. The isolation from other tables, the quiet, effortless service and the willingness to bend to the every whim of the diners made it the go to place for special occasions imo. Lee also understood the need to make food "desirable" which lends to the intimacy of the dining experience.

          At least in a restaurant like Amuse Bouche, while you are still sitting close to others, it is much more quiet and intimate given its smaller scale and focus.

        2. I'd prefer Canoe over Scaramouche: better food, better view, great service, less hit-or-miss.

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          1. re: tjr

            Agree, Canoe has better view and food.