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Jul 20, 2009 09:14 AM

The Tiki Bar in Montco

Anyone here ever been to the Tiki Bar? There are two now, one in Earlville (along the raging manatawny) and one at Spring Mt. It's been years since I've been to the one in Earlville and I've never been to Spring Mt. Thursday we will be heading to Spring Mt to check it out...

Here's the difference in the place, you cook your food. They have a few big outdoor grills and everyone stands around cooking their food. They have your regular grill items, steaks, chicken, veggies, but they also offer up kabobs of "exotic if you will" meat. If you would like to have a small sampling of a different kind of meat, here is the place to try it in small portions. Some of the kabobs I've seen in the past are alligator, wild boar, ostrich, caribou, buffalo, elk, etc.

It's certainly more of a fun atmosphere and certainly not a snooty affair...nice fun relaxing evening ususally to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett type music paired with reggae. A nice break from the norm.

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried the Spring Mt tiki bar.

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  1. I was there for a birthday party 4 or 5 years ago. For the prices you'd expect a chef to cook it for you. I was actually annoyed that i was cooking my own $18 steak.....I just don't get the attraction. Funny, they have "grilling consultants" who were mostly 18 yo kids who 's cooking experience, I suspect, could be counted in weeks rather than years. I could have taught them a thing or two. The location is neat...but that was the highlight.

    As a caveat I just don't get any of the "cook it yourself" places. Hibachi-type Japanese joints, fondue, any of that stuff. Overpriced and gimmicky if you ask me.

    1. A good friend of mine loves the Spring Mt. location. I don't know anything more about it than that, really. Last time I spoke to her the family was debating when they could all go together. :)

      1. I love the Earlville location, I have to say its my favorite place and ewven with the long drive we try to go there at least 4-5 times each summer. It really is just so much fun - great laid ack atmosphere, good music, waterview, tiki torches. Yes, you do grill it yourself and it is not cheap, but you are paying for atmosphere and good times, not food. I am really eager to try the Spring Mountain location, so I am eager to see responses here.

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          How far is Earlville from Ambler? Also, do they have lunch on Saturday's? Not much of a web page for them.

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            Its a bit of a drive, I'd say about an hour. There is a great family run winery(Manatawney Creek) about 5 minutes from the Tiki Bar so we always make a pit stop beforeand to make a day out of it. We also stop at Zerns on the way home for some yummy treats like homemade ice cream, sticky buns, and whoopie pies (though I have to say it is an interesting crowd there at night!).

            We never have gone at lunchtime, it does not seem like a lunch type place, but I do recall we have been there as early as 4-5 or so and they have been open.

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                Thanks AmblerGirl! I've been to the Earlville Tiki Bar many times but never knew about the winery. I cant wait to check it out.

                And in response to G Goo, this is probably not the place to order the "Big A** Steak." (as it's named on the menu) You could make the exact same meal at home for a third of the price. I suggest you try something a bit different and more fun. The gator and wild boar kabobs are great, and so is the raw bar. Save that $18 for your hurricanes and Rogue Dead Guy Ale!

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                  I guess I should mention that I did have a good time.....after I grilled my steak!

            1. re: AmblerGirl

              The Spring Mt and Earlville locations are pretty similar (been to both 2 or 3 times each) as far as atmosphere goes, fun casual party/bar vibe (although the view is of the mountain, not water like in Earlville) And it's probably about 30-40 mins from Ambler, so not as much of a hike. Again, the steaks and chicken can be made at home for much less, but the kabob add-ons (gator!) make it a little more exciting. It's like going to a friend's house for a BBQ, but you get to make whatever you want, and there's no limit to the bar!

            2. Bumping to ask if they offer authentic tiki drinks at this bar or is it just beer? If they do have Tiki drinks that might persuade me to give it a try despite having to listen to Jimmy Buffet music.

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                Their signature drink is the Hurricane. They are potent and they put a cap on the number they will let you drink.
                Food-wise, yes, it is a bit overpriced. But its a fun experience and worth it every once in a while. It is not a place for white tablecloth people. I can't get enough of the alligator kabobs. Dump a bit of the limey marinade on it and youre good to go.
                Typically you can get a meal which is a protein, baked potato, salad and bread.
                The soy ginger marinated black diamond steak is my fave. Though a little small for the price. Then you can add kabobs as extras (alligator, boar, etc.)
                I've never seen anything worth attempting in the raw bar. Loved scary everytime ive seen it.
                Cool place to kick back and relax with a group of friends and some red stripe.

                I've never been to the Earlville location, Spring Mtn only.

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                  Yeah, I'm not too concerned about the food -- especially if it's overpriced. I'd rather eat somewhere beforehand and then just go there for the drinks. So that's why I asked. If the drinks are only fair there'd be no reason to head out there in the first place, ya know?