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Lunch in Marina del Rey

I'm meeting my mother-in-law for lunch tomorrow. She asked for me to pick a place --- any suggestions? Nothing crazy expensive since she probably won't let me pay. Cafe Del Rey, Jer-ne, The Waterfront? Any cuisine except sushi. She likes salads. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. i vote for cafe del rey.
    beautiful room.
    very good food.
    in addition to their regular lunch menu, they have been offering a 2 course prix fixe for a little over $20. terrific deal.
    they also have a solid wine list.

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      Absolutely Cafe del Rey, a winner in every department! Wonderful food with an ocean view!!

    2. I ate at Waterfront (organic pacifica) this weekend. The food was good except for the risotto. But it was very overpriced for the decor, bad service, horrible dueling music at opposite ends of the place... I have not gone to the casual cafe side but i will never go back to Waterfront. You are better off eating at Jer-ne or Del Rey. Stay away from Waterfont!

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        My boyfriend and I used to go to the cafe side for breakfast or lunch almost every weekend. ALWAYS enjoyed it! Great fresh food, everyone was super friendly to us as well. I'm sorry to hear about the Waterfront part of it. And not important but just in the case that anyone wants to google it, I believe its The Organic Panificio. We had the worst time with the name for so long, which is the only reason I know it properly now!

      2. While it's not on the water, hence no view, your line about "She like salads." made me think of 26 Beach. Salad City. Not too expensive.

        26 Beach
        3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

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          I was going to say the same thing, SO, but thought they'd want the view at Cafe. But 26 Beach is less expensive.

        2. If salads are a factor, check out 26 Beach Restaurant. www.26beach.com Have a great lunch!

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              What do you mean, I been around. Rockin & Rollin & What Not!

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              I guess I should read all the replies before I reply.

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                Thank you so much for all the recos!! View is not as important as food...I have been to 26 Beach for breakfast and loved it. That is a great suggestion!

              2. I agree that Cafe del Rey is the best there, but just thought I'd also say the Warehouse isn't bad for lunch at all. It's very reasonable, the patio is pretty and I enjoy sitting outside. The food is solid lunch fare. I had a very nice heirloom tomato salad there a few weeks ago.

                1. Its not exactly in the Marina, but Joes in Venice is always good for lunch. No view but a nice room with a fine lunch at a reasonable price and free parking in the back. The Cafe del Rey is my go to place. It never disappoints. You cant go wrong with either place.

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                    if we're going to expand to venice recommendations, then i need to add Lilly's on abbot kinney.

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                        Don't tell me the burgers and salads are better than 26 Beach!

                        I like Primitivo. A lot. But OP did say MDR!

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                          They have some great food, my only problem is they are French. Just kidding. I hate the parking and the hip coolness that is Abbott Kinney, just to much for me. The Parking SUCKS!

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                            You can park in the back of Electric - I think it's still five bucks - don't know if Lilly's validates though. You can also try parking in the neighborhood southwest from Lilly's, off Westminster and Riviera. I almost always find parking around Cabrillo. As for the hip-factor, just ignore the kooks. It's worked for me for the past 30+ years...

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                              I know about parking, it is just a pain. The last time the valet gave us our keys and pointed in the direction of where he parked the car, F me, I paid for you to park the car and I gave you the tip when i gave you the ticket to get the car. Get the car dude, that is your job! It was just BS.

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                              Hey, the French know a thing or two about good food & wine! I usually just park in the lot behind & pay. It's Venice, you're just not going to find a lot of street or free parking. And in the summer, forget it!

                    1. So we ended up at Cafe Del Rey and it was perfect!!! Thank you for all the comments and suggestions.

                      We split a "bento box" and the grilled chicken salad. Both outstanding! The "bento box" is no ordinary box --- it was 4 small plates including: 2 mini crabcakes, 3 spinach ravoli's with a few slices of roast chicken on top, salad of arugula & Isreali cousous, seared halibut with summer squash. The box also came with dessert - rasberry mousse on top of a chocolate tart. Great deal for $25. The presentation was beautiful and the staff was great.