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Jul 20, 2009 08:44 AM

Recommendations please - Italian, patio, Vancouver

OK, I need a restaurant with very specific requirements for an event - it must be in Vancouver, have a nice patio, focus on italian food and, here's the kicker, I need it for LUNCH on a Saturday! If absolutely necessary, I could move everyone to either North or West Van, but would rather not. Formal Saturday lunches are notoriously difficult in Vancouver - I guess everyone's just doing a "grab and go" Japadog or something. Thoughts?

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  1. Tough one. The ones I can think of aren't open for lunch on Saturday (L'altro Buca, Il Giardino). There are a couple of places around Commercial Drive with patios, that I don't think would be worth your time.

    1. Yes, that's going to be tough! The only thing I can think of though it's not Italian but it has pastas & a lovely patio is Milestones on Denman St., English Bay.

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        I have not been to Brix in a zillion years but I it has a nice patio. The food was good (many years ago). I don't hear much from it these days. Not Italian.

        There are a few in Yaletown that I have not been to. La Terrazza for one... ( lunch according to OpenTable.)

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          Amarcord is open for lunch, but no patio, but definitely Italian...

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            Again, no patio, but Campagnolo does lunch 7 days a week.

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              i'd forgotten that - thanks! They have a nice selection of wines by the glass too!

      2. It is a tough one isn't it - it's the lunch on Saturday that's the problem. Thanks for the tip about Amarcord though - I didn't think they were open for lunch! If I remember correctly, the pastas and such at Milestones are not bad - perhaps we'll go there! Thanks everyone!

        1. Trattoria Italian Kitchen is open for lunch on Saturdays and has a patio... but it's more like sidewalk outside eating as opposed to a nice garden-y atmosphere.

          Il Nido is also open for lunch and I believe they have an outdoor dining area in their courtyard.

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            Holy cats! Where was my head??? - I forgot that Franco opened up Il Nido for lunch on Saturdays some time ago. Awesome suggestion twinkienic - we'll go there! I can taste the squash ravioli aleady!