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Jul 20, 2009 08:44 AM

DC Restaurant Week--August 2009. Dates?

I literally just realized that July is almost over (how did that happen!?). Which in this foodies mind means that it's almost August and therefore almost Restaurant Week.

I know I was a little caught off guard, but is the restaurant world lagging behind as well? I haven't heard anything about dates yet. Anyone know anything?

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  1. See recent thread: Looks like the dates/participating restaurants will be announced next Monday 7/27

    1. I was just thinking the same thing yesterday.

      There is going to be a Bethesda/Chevy Chase Restaurant week next week (from July 27 - August 2):

      1. Hello Elyssa and fellow foodies,

        Here's what I know: The announcement with the actual dates will be made on July 27, says the Restaurant Association of Metro Washington, . Rob

        1. Rumor has it that the dates will be from August 24-30 this year. (Much later then in years past). The list of restaurants hasn't been released yet though, but according to Going Out Gurus the new restaurants Eatonville and Columbia Firehouse will be participating.

          More info will come on Monday.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            The Wash Post GOG has a list of participating restaurants up now:

            Official list will be out Monday.

            1. re: WashDC33

              Thanks so much for posting this. Already have reservations for Vidalia and Art and Soul! :)

          2. Does anyone have any amazing Restaurant Week experiences to share (in terms of food, choices, best "deal", etc.)?

            I'm having trouble deciding where I would like to make reservations because I want to try too much. I've read that some restaurants aren't really worth it because they limit their menu too much, etc., so if anyone has any great experience stories to share, I'd be really appreciative!

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              You should do a search because there is always an on going thread with Restaurant Week experiences. But for a variety of different reasons the best experiences I have had in the past have been at 1789, PS7, TenPehn, Ardeo (although I felt a little rushed there) and The Prime Rib.

              1. re: Elyssa

                Do all these places have a lot of choices? I know TenPehn and Ardeo (and all the other restaurants in this group) offer just about all their entrees on their regular menu or they did in years past.

                1. re: Jacey

                  Yes. Now this might have changed since I was there but in all these cases there are at least 5+ options in each category and in many cases (TenPehn and more or less PS7) it's the entire menu.

                  Prime Rib might have less options but the deal is just so darn good for that restaurant. And if you want to have a fancier meal (gentlemen have to wear jackets) it's the perfect choice.