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Jul 20, 2009 08:21 AM

Kitchenware - Milan, or the Piedmont in general?


I am heading over to Italy for a cycling tour in the Piedmont region.. probably flying into Milan. A lot of the meals will be covered by the tour, and I have no doubt that I will eat like an Italian Viking.

I am sure a thread here touches on a good places to eat in Milan (the night before we go to meet the group), but what about kitchen stuff? Anyone with experience in the area (either the city or the region in general), know a unique place or two for kitchenware - either implements/gadgets or things like servingware or linens? I don't want the Italian equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond - just like finding things that may be unique to the region/country..


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  1. Grant, I just want to second your request. However, I will be in Rome and Florence ... but still interest in picking up kitchenware as souvenirs from my trip.

    I have beautiful linens from my trip last year to Portugal that are a treasure.

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      In Rome, there's this shop for kitchenware/gadgets with a location near the Spanish Steps:

      But House & Kitchen on Via del Plebiscito probably sells all the same things and more at a lower price.

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        Thanks for reminding me about this place! I went there 13 years ago and have regretted ever since not having bought this really cool pepper mill and salt shaker there. Maybe they still make them!

    2. Here's four options.

      High Tech--I guess this might be the Italian equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond but it's way cooler. It's definitely worth a look in. They have a big section of more everyday type cookware but they also have lots of things that you might put on a wedding registry.

      On the way to High Tech from the Moscova subway stop on Corso Garibaldi, right next to Radetzky cafe and a butcher shop is a 'casalinghi' that has some kitchen tools you might not find in America. In general, if you see 'casalinghi' on a storefront anywhere in Italy it is going to have lots of everyday type things for the kitchen and home. If you need a drying rack, mothballs, or a polenta mixer you can head there.

      The lower level of the Rinascente Dept store by the Duomo has a huge selection of cookware, linens, etc.

      Arform--Via Moscova 22 has lots of cooking implements and housewares. Fairly unique high end stuff.

      Happy travels.

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        Echoing badwaiter's rec for Rinascente.
        We purchased great kitchen items there when we were there, everything from kitchen towels, fancy napkins, gelato spoons and a small stainless steel sauce pan.

      2. In Milan try Kitchen, Via de Amicis 45 (close to Sant Ambrogio). It's really a nice shop. For linens a great (and expensive) place is Centrotavola, a small shop really close to Peck (the best place to buy food), in Via Spadari.

        1. Are you sure you want to schlep kitchenware around with you during a bike tour?

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            We've got a support van, so I am not loading up the panniers. Also, I wouldn't buy an 8 qt stockpot. Little things - a piece of servingware or an odd implement is more the intent. Last time I was over there, I picked up a small rolling pin used to cut pasta sheets into linguine. In Mexico City, I got a molinillo for frothing chocolate and a couple of pieces of Talavera ceramics. Small, not too hard to transport.

            To be honest, if I could lug something home, it would be a couple of Parma hams.. but U.S. Customs tends to frown upon that..