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Jul 20, 2009 08:19 AM

San Diego Vacation (with kids)

We are going to be in San Diego for a week (staying in Coronado) with our three kids ages 10 mos., 3 and 6. Looking for good , local (non-chain) places that are reasonably family friendly. Just a place that wouldn't cringe in horror at the site of children. We know Coronado pretty well and so we are looking for suggestions off the island.

Thanks very much.

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  1. I've said a few times on post's here, but Sammy's woodfired pizza is definitely a good bet. It seems like a nice upscale place, but is very low-key (and not pricey). It's got kid friendly pizza and mini burgers...but also great food for the more adventurous adults including duck tacos and coconut curry soup. I prefer the location in Del Mar though there are a number of them in SD (it a local single owner chain) including mission valley, downtown, la jolla etc.

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      Poster says asks for "local (non-chain) places" and you give them a chain.

      I wish I could help more, but I have no kids, so I would have no idea.

      City Deli?

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        It's a local-ish chain, though. As chains go, there are more evil ones.

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          Sammy's is actually one of the better pizza places in SD.

      2. Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights is actually pretty kid-friendly. One of the couples that co-owns the place has a young daughter, and children are not an alien concept. The food is good, too.

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          The staff at Barbarella in la jolla was wonderfull w. my then 3 1/2 yr nephew... He was very cranky and we were on the verge of taking him outside when the hostess came over. She was very nice to him... gave him toys and a little stuffed animal to play with while he was there which got him quieted down enough for us to finish dinner.

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            Love hearing stories like that. Many of the good independent restaurants, while not seemingly particularly suited towards kids, are hidden surprises once the kids show up. I think it all depends on the owners attitudes and whether or not they have kids.

            When we were at Oton with my 6 year old niece it was really charming how one of the waitresses would play peek-a-boo with her right in the restaurant. My niece loved it and was giggling furiously and having a great time!

            Kaito Sushi is also very welcoming to kids. Many of their regular customers frequently dine with their kids in tow either eating along with everyone else at the Sushi bar or playing outside, coloring books, or watching videos if there's a free table. And if they're not too shy the kids just love ordering directly from the Sushi chef! (I've eaten at the Kaito's Sushi bar with my niece and she had a great time!)

            However at a certain point it probably makes more sense to dine at the tables where you can still enjoy San Diego's best sushi. With all the changing bags, strollers and other items that you'll probably have tables are probably a better choice.

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              I agree. This is exactly the kind of place I am looking for. Places that I would like to go to that also are comfortable with kids.

              Thanks for the suggestions.

        2. I would try Saffron Thai Noodles. I have been taking my kids there for years and years. They have a children's menu, but mine like the chicken skewer.

          Hodads for burgers in OB is extremely loud and boisterous and kids love it.

          The Gathering in Mission Hills is OK, and on Friday nights they have a strolling magician.

          1. We went to Mariscos Godoy in Chula Vista and almost every table had kids seated.. They did not bat an eyelash about setting up a high chair for my 9 month old neice's carseat.

            We had an excellent meal that included ceviche and a whole fish. Search the board for more specific recommendations for dishes there.

            1. I second Saffron and 4th Sammy's Woodfired Pizza.

              Add Mama Testa's in Hillcrest.

              If you're at Liberty Station, Tender Greens is pretty casual and has outdoor dining (good for the stroller and entourage...)