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Jul 20, 2009 08:14 AM

Where is the best ramen in Boston?

I know, serious ramen lovers know that this question can be discussed/argued for ages, but I'm posting this for information not only for people opinions on where they think the best ramen is, but where to find ramen in general!

I've been to the ramen place in Porter Square, and also to Ken's, and between the two I like Ken's. I'm partial to the cloudy pork broth ramen styles, and Ken's does it pretty well. I've had great ramen in LA and NYC, but those cities have much larger Japanese populations and much more variety, so you can't compare Boston in there really.

I'd love to hear people's input. Thanks!

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  1. I feel like I've been on the same search and haven't been able to find anything that compares to Japan. For what it's worth, though, Men Tei on Hereford right off Newbury is decent and inexpensive and has really nice service. You can try Wagamama I suppose. I noticed lots of Asians in there when I went which I usually take to mean it's pretty good, but I wasn't that impressed, and it was too expensive. Let me know what you find!

    1. Ken's is the best Boston has to offer.

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        Ditto. But I wish he also served stewed pork that I found in a couple ramen places in SF. It would be a great add-on.

        1. re: Grammaton

          Yes, Ken's. I head straight to Allston when I crave Ramen. I think his roast pork is really good, and the marinated eggs can be fantastic sometimes. Sit at the bar and watch him make it and you'll know why the quality is better there.

          I'd rate Sapporo in Porter second (their katsu broth is ok) and MenTei, well, it's been a long time but last time I was there I was very disappointed.

          1. re: Zatan

            Thanks to all for your replies! I had a feeling that Ken's was going to be named the best in Boston, but wanted to make sure there's no hidden holes in the wall somewhere that I haven't heard about.