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Jul 20, 2009 08:08 AM

Luna del Sea?

I haven't seen any comments regarding this restaurant. In fact, I just became aware of its existence yesterday. The website menu appears to contain standard American-type fair.

Just wondering if it is worth the effort of parking downtown and dining at the establishment. FoiGras

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  1. On Pratt Street? If that's the restaurant, then don't go, Terrible food at high prices

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    1. re: daynasch

      Okay--thanks for the WARNING! I was suspicious of this place since none of the Chowhounds had made any comments. Since I only became aware of its existence recently, I didn't want to venture into something that wasn't worth my while or money. FoiGras

      1. re: FoiGras

        As daynasch says: "terrible food at high prices." Definately stay away.

        1. re: Ichabod

          Once again ---THANKS. The dning out dollar has to be worth it in today's economy. I am less apt to be in an adverturesome mind-set in experiencing un-tried restaurants, unless there is a strong recommendation from the Chowhounds.

          Actually, thinking back to my experience (about a year and a half ago) at Occeanaire--the fried seafood platter was abundant in FRIED seafood and the seafood sat on a "ton" of uninspired french fries. Yes--I know-I ordered a FRIED SEAFOOD PLATTER. But, it was bland seafood with way too many french fries. I was so unimpressed that I can't even recall what my husand ordered.

          I've had many wonderful experiences at Blue Sea Grill, Kali's Court, Black Olive, for very good seafood. Don't need to pay XXXX number of dollars to park downtown for a sub-par dining establishment. FoiGras

    2. The original comment has been removed