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Jul 20, 2009 07:50 AM

Compact kitchen scales that measure small (~.1g) amounts?

I have a digital kitchen scale that I use and enjoy quite a bit, but it doesn't register much until there's a few grams or more of whatever it is I'm weighing. I'd like to complement it with a smaller scale that can measure, precisely, smaller weights (ie, when weighing out seasonings or herbs to add to a mixture that I'm trying to get just right, etc). Anyone have a scale that fits the bill that they're particularly happy with?

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  1. A company named Deering sells a scale sensitive to .05 grams. It's available all over the place on-line. Added bonus: it's mechanical, not electronic.

    1. I use a Tanita 1579D jewelry scale that does to 0.01g (you'll need it if you want to do molecular). Pretty easy to order from Tanita (USD$ 90) and comes with a 200g calibration weight.

      1. Try, and there are many options at reasonable prices. I have a Toyo 250 pocket scale that I use in my darkroom. I think it cost me around $40.

        1. Someone here steered me to the Ebay seller from whom I got a cheap-ish but very useable high resolution "pocket" scale for less than $20. I think it's been a couple of years and it's still working fine.