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Jul 20, 2009 07:45 AM

freshdirect beef for tartare? (or other sources)

Hi all,

I was wondering where you guys go to get beef for steak tartare. I've used lobel's before but it's a bit too expensive. Has anyone gotten beef from freshdirect before? Thanks!

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  1. I've bought beef at Citarella and used it for steak tartare. I'm still trying to get my nerve up to buy lamb to eat raw.

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      Thanks MMRuth. I was also considering buying from Les Halles since they serve a tartare there. I hope that means they're reliable. How much is the meat at citarella?

      1. re: dimsumli

        I don't recall off hand - but it was quite expensive. I bought whatever the best filet mignon that they had. I would also trust the meat at Ottomanelli by the way, and they are probably quite a bit cheaper.

    2. I recently tried Florent Meat Market on Jones Street in Greenwich Village to get short ribs. It is a very small place and reminds you of the old time butcher shops. It was facinating to watch the butcher cuts the meat right in front of you and ask how you want your meat cut or how you plan to cook it and will offer suggestions. The meat was very high quality and reasonably priced. Give them a try!

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        The name is Florence Prime Meat Market.