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Jul 20, 2009 07:45 AM

Pizza in Monmouth County

After several days, I still haven't heard any suggestions for good pizza in Monmouth County NJ. Don't know what the problem is. Has no one in Monmouth County has ever eaten good pizza there?r Maybe they don't read Chowhound posts ? Or maybe both? Guess I need to keep driving to Trenton for a good tomato pie

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  1. Post on Mid-Atlantic and you'll get some replies I'm sure.

    My $.02 - Vics in Bradley Beach. Gets mixed reviews here but my favorite for 30+ years

    1. I moved to Monmouth County from Hudson back in October- still looking! Eagerly awaiting replies, too. Good luck!

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        agree with harrison - post your question on mid-atlantic board -

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          The tomato pies in Trenton are over-rated.....

          geedah and AmySer0821,

          your search is over.....

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            Tell us what spots that you have tried out. While Monmouth isn't like many places up north that still have ethnic enclaves and thus good pirzzarias and Italian, we DO HAVE VERY GOOD pizza joints.

            Tell me where you've been.

          2. I still haven't found a pizza doesn't makes me want to go running back to Staten Island every time I want seriously good pizza. When you find it let us know. Check NJ Magazine - this month they are reviewing restaurants and they name a place in Asbury but I can't remember the name

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              Grew up in Bayonne. I know what you mean. The best thin (not paper thin) pie that I have found is Luigi's in Lincroft; Luigi's Famous Pizza, 650 Newman Springs Rd Lincroft NJ 07738.

              Some people with recommend Pete and Elda in Neptune or Vic in Bradley Beach - they do not meet SI or Hudson County standards in my opinion.

              1. re: stickman731

                Pete and Elda in Neptune lol what a joke

                1. re: Freeholdtwsp88

                  Yesterday I sat in a pizza place on Bleeker St in NYC diagonally across from John's Pizza next to an old Italian man and we chatted while we ate our pizzas. I'm no slouch in my pursuit of great pizza, but this old man seems to have eaten pizza everywhere. I will try to paraphrase his wisdom:

                  Pizza is the most subjective food there is. The best pizza is what YOU think is the best pizza. When you find one you like, do everything you can to support the place who makes it. Never try to convince anyone that your best pizza should be their best pizza - you will only get frustrated.

                  I am sure I agree with him, so typing with a grain of salt, I like Frankie Fed's here in Freehold. Their sausage pie just does it for me. The cracker thin crust is similar to PnE's and Vic's, but I like FF's better. I am still searching for my local go-to square pie, either grandma or sicilian.

                  And, for the record, the place in the city is called Keste, and they may currently have the best neopolitan pizza around. But, remember, just because me and the old man liked it doesn't mean you will ;o) I wish you the luck of Columbus in your search for your best pie.

                  1. re: seal

                    Such a simple substance, with just three essential elements - crust, sauce, cheese (unless one includes nostalgia). Yet minor variants produce such strong opinions. Having spent time living in sych exotic locales as Wilmington, DE and Reading, PA, almost any pie in Central NJ would be a welcome treat upon visits home.

                    Now, I don't know if pizza is more or less subjective than other foods, but I do know that there wouldn't be so many pizzas available if not for disparate tastes. (Someday, we need to have a "census" of the pizza places in strip malls on Route 9 from Middlesex through Ocean couties. I bet there might be close to 500! Closely followed by nail salons, dry cleaners, and Chinese take-outs.) Personally, my present favorite is Coal Fired Oven in Bradley Beach - their pie is a deviation from the local, thin crust favorites using less cheese and a higher cooking temperature.

                    Ultimately, I agree with Seal's new friend. In my words - "Quit bitchin' - keep eatin' . . . You'll likely find one you like!"

                    1. re: seal

                      What a great piece of wisdom! Seems we could apply that to all foods.

                      1. re: seal

                        Seal - love this (and loved Keste too).

                        For me, Vics is a bit of nostalgia remembering trips down the shore as a kid - day at the beach, dinner at Vics, then playing Fascination and eating waffles and ice cream on the Asbury Boardwalk - maybe that makes the pizza taste even better to this day.

                        1. re: harrison

                          My favorite is still Vics but my problem is I am still looking for sliced sausage instead of the know like sausage pizzas used to be....always sliced.....never chunks.... can anyone help me........where can I get a good pizza that still slices the sausage? Thanks for your help!

                        2. re: seal

                          Glad you enjoyed Keste seal.It's a very different style of pizza than you'll find almost anywhere else,but if you fall in love with this style it becomes an obsession! Your dining companion was very wise.I've given up trying to convice people that the style I like is the "best '. I just try to introduce them to it and invariably they get hooked.The only place in NJ that is doing anything like it is A Mano in Ridgewood.

                        3. re: Freeholdtwsp88

                          Are you kidding? I've lived a few minutes from P&E's and I'm obsessed with their pies. It can't be compared to other pizzas. Sure if you eat a whole XXL you won't enjoy it. If you looking for thin crust, not super thin as P&E's, I like Squan Tavern. I'm not a huge fan of Vic's the cheese is a little too gooey, kinda slides of the slice. Not that I'll turn down a slice.

                          Squan Tavern
                          15 Broad St, Manasquan, NJ 08736

                        4. re: stickman731

                          i agree on Luigi's, but make sure you get the large square pie.

                          1. re: stickman731

                            Braved the Nor'easter and tried Luigi's tonight. Wife and I both thought it was good, but not great pizza. Lobster bisque was pretty good. Wife loved her order of fried raviolis. Cannoli tasted a little off to me.. something not quite right... filling was fine, but the shell tasted stale or rancid, perhaps.

                            Do be aware that they do not offer refills on their small sodas.. each one is $1.40.. my wife had 3 Diet Cokes... oy.

                        5. Keep your eye on's Munchmobile blog:


                          They have recently reported on the "best" pizza in Union, Essex, Hunterdon, Somerset and Middlesex counties. Perhaps they will report on Monmouth soon.

                          Based on my limited pizza expertise, the top rated places in Hunterdon and Somerset and very good.

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                          1. re: ambrose

                            Looks like The Munchmobile's evaluation pretty much corroborates what has been said here and elsewhere - good pizza is hard to find in Monmouth County.


                            1. re: ambrose

                              Intesting choices to try . . . wonder how those were selected?

                              BTW - to Joan: Clueless was Alicia Silverstone. We would have also accepted Brittany Murphy.

                              1. re: MGZ

                                I believe places are recommended by people who read the Munchmobile blog. An appropriate number, usually five or six, are then selected for a visit. Hardly a scientific sampling but it's rare that a really well know spot gets left out.

                                As for Joan, I don't think she was referring to the movie, just that LL was clueless!

                                1. re: ambrose

                                  "Thanks for the clarification," he muttered, almost growled.

                                  He shook his head in puzzled disbelief. "Why does this keep happening?" he thought. It had been a series of similar reactions. "Why?" First the NFL diabtribe, now this.

                                  Maybe ol' Doc Thompson had it right up in Woody Creek. Maybe they can't handle it, perhaps they've all lost any semblance of a sense of humor. A group reaction to psychosis and the impending doom? Hard to say. Maybe it's Oprah's fault. Probably.

                                  "Easy, boy - gotta let go of the loathing. They'll laugh again, see subtlety, appreciate irony. For now . . . . tequila, lots of it - and PIZZA!"

                            2. re: ambrose

                              Somerset and Hunterdon can't hold a candle to the places in Monmouth. I grew up here and I've happened to work in Somerset for the last 20 years. There is nothing in Somerset that even comes close (not the Chimney Rock, not Stans, not anything in Sommerville).

                              I have a dozen spots within 10 minutes of me here in the RB-Belmar corridor that are as good as anything you'll find here in NJ (cept' the gold mine that Trenton continues to be)

                            3. I have just been so delighted with the thin crust pizza at Frankie Fed's in Freehold. I posted about it a few days ago.

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                              1. re: Angelina

                                Mr. Pizza slice in Red Bank has the best pizza! You have to eat it there, though, because the take out pie is really small. Get the fries while you are there, too.

                                I enjoy the Grandma pizza from Sea Bright Pizza as well. There regular pizza is good as well, but has a tendency to be undercooked so I ask for it well done.

                                1. re: MichelleM131

                                  A new Coal / Gas fired pizza place called Pazzo is slated to open in Red Bank @ 141 West Front Street (Feb 2010 ).Apparently with a Woodstone Oven, which uses coal and gas It will be "specializing in Neapolitan coal fired pizzas”.
                                  For a restaurant that is "Specializing" It seems that already they haven't researched this too well as Neapolitans never use coal in thier ovens.
                                  I won't hold my breath on this one.

                                  1. re: xny556cip

                                    coal fired artisan pizza never said neapolitan

                                    1. re: lend63

                                      Quoted from the website

                                      "I had a brief correspondence with one of the owners of Pazzo. The restaurant will utilize a Woodstone Firedeck 9690 Oven, which uses a coal and gas set up similar to Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City. He mentioned that “we are a restaurant and full bar specializing in Neapolitan coal fired pizzas”.

                                      You may have been wrongly quoted by pizzablogger.....but as I said,I'm not holding my breath in anticipation.

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