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Jul 20, 2009 07:06 AM

Late night dining in Belgravia/Knightsbridge, London

Hi everyone,

What are some good places for late night dining (i.e. you can still comfortably start a meal with a group of friends at 11pm) in Belgravia/Knightsbridge? We heard Le Cercle and Ottolenghi are great (albeit very different places) but both places close pretty early.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. You may know already, but, once the shops are shut, the area is fairly subdued and residential, so there's little call for what you seek, except maybe in the hotels or in the livelier Beauchamp Place just west of Harrods. For a brilliant and cheap evening out go to Pizza Pomodoro on Beauchamp Place (live music, and 11 pm is a perfect arrival time) but this may not be what you have in mind.

    Otherwise 10 minutes in a cab gets you to the Covent Garden/Chinatown/Soho area which is full of late opening places.

    Hmmm...."hong kong foodie"....Maybe not Chinatown!

    1. Ishbilia (very good Lebanese food) is just down the street from Harvey Nichols. I don't know their hours, but you could check.

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        Actually on that note, can someone please recommend a website or some sort of list of restaurants that delivery past 2300? I live in Belgravia and am extremely annoyed at the lack of delivery places. I get out of work late and I like to get a pizza or a kebab late, but can't find any places. Any help is appreciated.

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          I too live there. What is a kebab please?

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            lebanese places are open late and will usually deiiver. try al dar on the kings road or ishbilya and beitedinne in knightsbridge.

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              Do you know Bosphorus in South Kensington? They don't deliver but their kebabs are pretty much the best in the area (and most areas). Selection may be limited at that time of night but they'll still have some stuff and they will even, in my experience, throw some freebies in as the stuff is perishable and they need to get rid of it.