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Jul 20, 2009 07:00 AM

Looking for Las Vegas suggestions for group dinner

First posting to this board for me (I'm usually hanging out on the Quebec board) - and first visit to Las Vegas in many, many years - and I have a few questions that you can hopefully help me out with. I've been reading all recent threads, which have helped me narrow things down a little, but still...
I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner with a group of about 14 adults, some not terribly adventurous eaters, and I want something very good in the way of food, but not over-the-top expensive, in mid-August. With all the fantastic deals around in Las Vegas these days, there seem to be many choices, but I'm wondering if Bradley Ogden's restaurant at Caesar's would fit the bill? Other options I've thought of would be Aereole or Nobhill or Stratta. Location-wise, it has to be on the Strip. But I welcome any other suggestions that you may have (Joel Robuchon's prix fixe menus would have been great, but they're closed for most of August).
And, on a slightly less chow-ish point, can anyone tell me how long it would take, and what would be the fastest way to get from the MGM Mirage (dining) to the MGM Grand (Cirque du Soleil show) on a Friday night?
Thanks for any help on this! And if anyone has any questions about places to eat in Montreal/Quebec, I'd be more than happy to reciprocate!

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  1. I would suggest Daniel Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn. I just returned from Vegas and had a fabulous experience there. I ordered from the Taste of Wynn menu (wonderful and rustic country pate with homemade pickes and dijon mustard, perfectly cooked sonoma chicken with pureed potatoes, and a lovely custardy apricot raspberry cafloutis) and my hubby ordered from the regular menu (duo of beef with the best filet I've ever had and braised short ribs and the most buttery creamy pureed potatoes on earth). All the dishes were delicious and we executed very was one of the best meals that we've ever had. The cocktails from the bar were lovely as well. I would think this would be a safe bet for you...casual French food done the right way...though being that you're from Quebec...not so sure if you'd want French food.
    On the side, how are you getting to the MGM Grand from the Mirage? Taxi, car, or on foot?

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    1. re: attran99

      We're already going to Daniel Boulud another night, or that would have been one of my suggestions...
      As for getting from Mirage to MGM Grand, it would be by taxi or on foot - we won't have a car. I just need a guesstimate as to how much time I need to get from one to the other, and which would be fastest.

      1. re: cherylmtl

        I wouldn't suggest going on foot in August...the weather is unbelievably hot...and you wouldn't want to be sticky and uncomfortable before your show. A taxi would be your best best, however, with such a large group, you'll all be divided into multiple taxis. I would allot at least half an hour to get from the Mirage to the MGM....more if your show is starts at 7-8pm...that's when the club hopping set go to dinner prior to a night of Vegas debauchery.
        If your group is very into wine, I would suggest Aureole. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely Sunday Supper at Charlie Palmer's other Vegas location, Charlie Palmer Steak...and I'm sure Aureole would be just as fantastic. They've got some great tasting menus right now, and you can check them out online on the resort websites.

        1. re: attran99

          Thanks for the suggestions - we've decided on Aureole. The online menus all looked great - it ended up being a choice between that and Charlie Palmer Steak, but there are a number of pescetarians in the group, so Aureole had a better selection of options for them. Will post back on my dining adventures next month when we return.

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            Hey cherylmtl. Also from Montreal here but I go Vegas a lot. I see you've already selected Aureole, but I might also add Shibuya or Craftsteak @ the MGM Grand as recommendations for large parties. Craftsteak has separate areas for large groups.

            Also to answer your question about the Mirage to MGM Grand. My question is what time is your show for KA? The early show? Do you have to eat at the Mirage? If not, I'd suggest moving your party to the MGM. If the 10PM show, then a walk over to the monorail station at Harrah's might be better for your budget. Walking down the strip in summer will be awfullly warm.

            1. re: gerbera

              Hi gerbera - nice to see you here! Craftsteak would have been an idea had our group not contained quite a number of vegetarian/pescetarians - I did consider it, though. But I think the group will be happy with Aureole - the menu choices are pretty good for all.
              Hubby and I are going to see the 9:30 Ka show (not the same night as the Aureole dinner), but the rest of the group is going to see Love, which is why the dinner that night will be at the Mirage. We will probably just cab it, leaving ourselves plenty of time to ensure we get there in time for the pre-show (which I believe starts at 9:00?)

    2. Rao's at Caesar's Palace. It's not too expensive, esp. compared with Boulud. I've heard nothing but rave reviews of this place. Although I haven't tried it (yet), I've been to the Manhattan (original) Rao's and just love it.

      The Las Vegas restaurant is Rao's attempt at living down the old saying about the very, very clubby NY location, (the hardest reservation in New York City), "It's the best Italian meal you'll never eat."

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      1. re: shaogo

        I enjoyed Rao's and agree that compared to the top line restaurants it's very reasonable. I remember we had the lemon chicken which was excellent and a dish they are known for. Seems to me there was one other dish I ordered - potatoes? - that they are known for. Service was excellent and believe this would be a fun place for a group.

        1. re: Poerz

          Hubby and I may head to Rao ourselves, once the group is gone and we have a few nights alone there - but we're all having Italian food Friday night (unfortunately, it won't be Rao or Enoteca San Marco...), so I was aiming for something different Saturday. So many choices, so few days in Vegas...