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Jul 20, 2009 06:09 AM

Organic/ Grass Fed Meat in FH Queens

Anyone know where I can purchase organic or gass fed meat in Forest Hills Queens?

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  1. Natural market sells some organic beef...they say its grass fed, but I'm not sure if its grass finished as well. Trader Joes on Metropolitan Ave. sells organic "free range" beef, but I find it pretty tasteless. Another source is Aaron's Kosher Gourmet, on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park. They carry grass fed organic beef as well as some cuts of bison. Its kosher, so no porterhouse, but their hanger steaks are excellent.

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    1. re: EricMM

      That Aaron's Kosher Gourmet is so grungy looking, it's like buying meat in a dirty alley somewhere. I lost my appetite in 2 minutes from that place from the smell and set up. They were nice on the phone, though.

      For non organic Mario's butcher and Metro Meats on Metrop are good basic butchers. For organic grass fed, not sure where else besides Fairway and Whole Foods, and I think International Market in Astoria. Fresh Direct has some ground grass fed on their website. Natural tries to be too many things, stuff sits on their shelves forever there--I buy some produce there and that's it. Most of their stuff is expensive, and the place can be a zoo.

      This link might help you out--there's a forest hills contact--maybe they can direct you where to go---

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        If there are enough FoHi-ites who are interested, maybe we could get Mitch at Metro Meats to carry organic/grass fed beef. If other people indicate interest, I will go in and ask and report back to the board.

        1. re: SuzyP

          Count me in. I like Metro Meats a lot (their skirt steak is pricey but fantastic) but have been using them less because we've been more focused on organic and grass fed.

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            I asked Mitch awhile ago, and he said there just isn't enough demand for it---he said most people want the cheapest cuts of everything, especially for their children. I'm the opposite, I buy the most expensive best quality and organic for my kid. Mitch has super fresh bell and evan chicken breasts on the bone.

            1. re: janie

              maybe a few of us could collaborate on an order.

              1. re: janie

                I had that same conversation at Metro Meats. Bell and Evans is tasty, though I tend to prefer Murray's which you can get at SS Natural. They also have Murray's ground turkey, which is relatively tough to come by. Plus, the turn over at SS on these products seems to be pretty good. Beef is harder to find, and I'm afraid I haven't been able to find any good sources in the FH area, though I recently passed what looked like it will be a new organic market on 72nd Avenue or so. Anyone have any insight as to what's going in there? What FH really needs is a green market. Anyone know of any progress on that front?

                1. re: Greg

                  I spoke with Mitch today, and he is getting me info about what he could get and how much he would need to order. I will report back to the board, and if there is interest, a few of us could split an order.

                  1. re: SuzyP

                    Thanks SuzyP! Would be great if we can coordinate this.

        2. Some CSAs have agreements with distributors of local pastured meat (and dairy, etc) to coordinate deliveries with their vegetable pickups. I know that Lewis Waite Farms does this with some CSAs in Astoria, and that they also work with the Forest Hills CSA. What I don't know is whether or not you need to be a member of the Forest Hills CSA to order meat through them. You might email them to find out...


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          1. re: Harlan

            Just got off the phone with Mitch at Metro Meats. He says he can get us organic beef if we can put together an order of 60 lbs. on one cut. The meat he could get he says is what they sell at Whole foods & Kings for $25/lb. He would charge us $15/lb. The choices are shell steak, rib eye, or t-bone, but we need to order 60lbs of one, not mix and match. he could also get us organic top round for $10/lb which he would cut up for stew, grind, or make into roasts as per our instructions. He says Whole Foods gets $15 for the top round.
            I would initially be willing to try 5 or 6 lbs of something if there are enough other people out there to make up a 60 lb. order. I am willing to be the contact person for this if people want to email me with how much they are willing to order. If its enough, then its a go. My email is: artsnerd at

            1. re: SuzyP

              I was just at whole foods in Manhasset this evening, and bought several packages of the grass fed 90/10 ground beef, at $7.99 a lb. Not sure where he's coming up with that quote of $15 whole foods is charging. Whole Foods charges $6.49 a lb, for excellent quality 93% ground beef, and less for their 85% beef. They also have beautiful looking ground white turkey, which can be harder to find than the dark.

              1. re: janie

                SuzyP - do you know if the meat is pasture-raised?

                1. re: pellegrino31

                  the meat Metro Meats is offering is organic--not grass fed. Of course organic rules require the animals to be pastured a certain percent of the time. Grass fed non-organic meat is cheaper.

                  1. re: SuzyP

                    the package I bought at whole foods says grass fed and organic, and it's local from a farm in New Jersey. Made swedish meatballs with it last night, came out excellent. This is who Whole foods is getting it from:

                    1. re: janie

                      Sounds good. Wish we had a FoHi whole foods.

                      1. re: SuzyP

                        Too bad they can't put one at Atlas Park, at least it would be in the area---they really need a parking lot, and a large area to get their deliveries--even over by Trader Joe's would work, if they could build something--by car, it's pretty quick to Manhasset, so I go and stock up on stuff.