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Jul 20, 2009 05:35 AM

Summer 09 in Prince Edward C

Heading down to PEC today, first timers.

Found the June 09 post of a top 10 list.

Wondering about Buddha Dog as a dinner place and a review on Blumen Bistro and Chesterfield's? We're interested in one higher end/priced dinner, otherwise late lunch spots in the area, Picton and environs.

Heading from Ottawa so if anyone has a suggestion for late lunch along the route, possibly Belleville, would welcome the suggestions.

Interested in opinions on which local vineyards/wines are value and quality purchases too.


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  1. I found Buddha dog to be... unsatisfying... but that's because of my appetite. Don't get me wrong, the dogs are good, but they're tiny. I like the fact that they use local cheeses and produce, and the meat tube itself is very flavourful... but the dogs are tiny.....

    We tried to get into Chesterfield's, but they were packed at 3PM... which speaks for itself. Good luck with getting in. Instead of Chesterfield's, we went to Currah's a few weeks ago, and it was fantastic. They have daily lunch specials. Don't let the stuffy decor deter you... the food is fantastic.

    Kingston is on the way, so I'd recommend taking a slight detour into downtown kingston to visit the Kingston Brewery Company ( They have a brewpub that serves an amazing plate of fish and chips. The beer is also very good, but due to their popularity their two best selling beers (the Dragon's Breath Ale eand Whitetail Cream Ale) are both contracted out (with Dragon's Breath being brewed by McCauslan's of Montreal and Whitetail by Brick in Waterloo).

    1. For wineries, our favourite is Sandbanks - lots of selection and if you can get them to give you a tasting that would be a bonus (some of the reds this year we found are just a tetch young). We've also had the Clossen Chase but not visited the winery -- very tasty chardonnay.

      1. Buddha Dog - not for dinner. Lunch, yes. Snack, yes. Very casual place with petite dogs served with fancy custom dressings. Don't remember any fries. A few sides on offer, but there's better to be had.

        First off, in Belleville, you could try L'Auberge de France. I haven't been, but have read in numerous places that the food is very good. Here's a Toronto Life review, fyi:

        For dinner, I would recommend Harvest in Picton ( or Carriage House in Bloomfield (


        There's Milford Bistro, which used to be owned by the people who now own Harvest; haven't been since the change of ownership, so I have no idea how it is now, but here's the link:

        In front of the Carriage House in Bloomfield, they have a little bakery called Marshmallow Room, and I believe they sell things like sandwiches, breads, and sweets that would be ideal for a picnic. I am sure if you called ahead, they could put something together for you, and you could eat it at nearby Sandbanks Park, or somewhere else for that matter!

        You might also want to check out Saylor's Cafe:

        A few people have highly recommended the Acoustic Grill:

        Make sure you eat some Slicker's ice cream. Main location is in Bloomfield. Really yummy.

        Norman Hardie makes some of the best wines in the County:

        The wineries are so close to each other, it's easy to get to quite a few in a short timeframe. As far as specific recommendations, I suppose it depends on what types of wine you're interested in tasting/purchasing.

        Here's a great little map with some sites, plus you could check the other pages on the website out for more info:

        A few years ago, I visited Lake on the Mountain, which was quite picturesque. There was also a little restaurant there, don't remember what it was called, with quite decent food.

        Have a great time, and let us know what you did/liked/disliked.

        1. For the best quality wines I'd reccomend Norman Hardie, Closson Chase, and Longdog. These three all had outstanding pinot noir, and chardonnay. Hardie has a great riesling as well. By Chadsey's Cairns is worth a visit also but more for the unique surroundings than the wine.