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Jul 19, 2009 11:18 PM

Topo cheese serving suggestions?

I bought a wedge of topo cheese at a local store not really knowing anything about it - I bought it because it was made with raw milk so I was intrigued. It is a semi-hard Portuguese cheese and it is fairly pungent and salty, with a sour tang/kick to it.

I'm not sure how to use this cheese and online searches did not yield anything. Has anyone eaten this cheese and have any recipes or serving suggestions? Thank you.

Here is a photo of the brand I bought (but I bought a wedge not a full round)

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  1. I tried this cheese again and have decided it is terrible and a waste of money. I melted it with some rolled grilled zucchini but the overwhelming saltiness and pungency of the cheese was too much for me. I wish I knew how this cheese is used because it makes no sense to me.

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      According to this brief mention, it's a grating cheese so best used sparingly.

    2. This is probably my favorite cheese. I look for it every time I go my local specialty grocery store. I love to eat it just cut up into chunks without anything else.