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Jul 19, 2009 09:58 PM

Finger Cookie Molds - Where to Buy?

Well, this is a stab in the dark, but I know that there will be a Chowhound out there to help me! I want to get a cookie mold to send to a friend. We both enjoy the pink biscuits/cookies/'champagne' fingers that are sold all over Epernay, France. I found a recipe for them and in it is says that you can pipe the dough onto parchment paper or put it in molds. Well, my friend would appreciate the mold...Anyone have any ideas where I can get one?

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    1. I have also been looking for a champagne biscuit mold. I have been unable to find a metal mold, but there is a silicone mold available from several sources--here's one:
      These are expensive, but this is the best price I've seen. Anyone out there know who sells the metal molds?

      1. If you're still looking, the Champagne Biscuit molds are now available at Bridge Kitchenware for a reasonable price (around $20 as of now). You'll get a slightly lower price if you register on the Bridge site before placing your order. These are old-stock items that have been in their warehouse a long time. Here's a link:

        1. As of February 13,2010, they are on sale for $10

          The Champagne Biscuit Plaque (aka Boudoir Biscuit Plaque) is made of tinned steel with 20 indentation and measures 11 x 13.75in. Made in France by Matfer, their item number 310759.