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Jul 19, 2009 09:01 PM

FLIP Burger coming or not

Heard several months back that Richard Blais (of Atlanta) is opening one of his FLIP Burger Boutiques in Austin, but never heard another peep. Any idea of when and where?

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  1. Austin is becoming the hamburger capital of the universe.

    I can't wait to try the foie gras milkshake!

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    1. re: rudeboy

      Ain't it? . I made a list of all the new burger and pizza joints in town and it was incredible. We already had plenty of good burgers and passable pizza, and with all the new joints, nothing has changed in either regard.

      Aside: Cannoli Joes for dinner. Grilled Fillet mignon on the buffet (Monday and Tuesday) not bad if you can convince the grill guy to take a few pieces it off 2 minutes earlier (not easy, even though they say they'll cook it to order).


    2. This is exactly the kind of burger place I'd love to see here...although I'm certain many will flame it for being too frou frou. I'm all about a shrimp po boyger!

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      1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

        i'm with ya-- i like both the frou frou and the cheap cheap.
        'as long as it's good' is my motto.
        bring it on!

      2. fLIP Burger Boutique To Open In Austin, TX 1
        Posted by foodiebuddha on January 29, 2009

        In addition to a new spot in East Atlanta and one in Washington DC, Richard Blais proclaimed Austin, Texas as the luckily winner in the FLIP burger boutique sweepstakes. As this burger bug continues to spread, we can only wish Richard the best. I myself am starting to get a little frustrated with this whole burger thing; however, I love his game, so let’s hope for good things. Congrats on your success Richard!!!!

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        1. re: nytexan

          Anyone know where in Austin he's going to set up shop?

        2. Barry @ Flip says 6 months to a year before they open here and that they haven't decided on a location in Austin yet. Here's hoping he picks by my house in "the land of the bland"