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Jul 19, 2009 08:14 PM

Affordable Cakes

Where can you get a affordable but still pretty custom cakes from. that wont cost hundreds of dollars. especially wedding cakes. Every where you look here there charging prices that are through the roof. I mean come on it's just a cake. It's no way i want to spend that kind of money on a cake, i know its an art form but not for the guests to eat it then digest it later if you know what i mean. If i can put it on my wall yes as a piece of art yeah, but not for someone to just swallow. Thats just to much money for you to see it for about an hour and then have it eaten later.

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  1. Stella's on Nicholson Lane at Rockville Pike is great.

    Stella's Bakery
    11510 Rockville Pike, D Rockville, MD

    1. Hey Cakegirl,

      I know what you mean. The best affordable, custom sheet cakes I find come from Costco. (I've used the one in Gaithersburg.) Huge, moist, beautifully decorated cakes which are perfect for the non-fufu special occasions. (You do need to be a member and order them ahead of time.) Some Giant and Safeway bakeries make custom cakes, but I don't think they are as good.

      I agree with DCDeb's suggestion about Stella's Bakery. It's excellent, albeit pricier.

      Do you have a price ceiling for a particular sized cake?

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      1. re: Sean D

        Yeah I know about costco. I work at the one in PG county Beltsville . But i'm talking something a little more personal. They only make cakes that are displayed nothing custom. i would pay as much as $100 for a custom cake something in 3D maybe.

        1. re: cakegirl23

          Hmmm...$100 might be tough for a fu-fu sculptured cake. Just about every place that I've run into that makes 3-D cake decorations charges much higher prices. There is a bakery in Catonsville that many have said it better and less expensive than Charm City.