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Jul 19, 2009 08:01 PM

Advise on restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens

Going to Singer Island. Interested in very fresh seafood, sushi, casual to midlevel upscale.

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  1. If you search the boards, you'll find the same three places over and over for fresh seafood - Reef Grill (Juno Beach), Food Shack (Jupiter) and Leftovers Cafe (Jupiter). They're hands down the best in the area. The latter two are the same owner who used to be affiliated with the first. Reef grill is probably the most casual of the three and least expensive. Great apps, good wine prices and you're more likely to have a shorter wait time than FS and Leftovers. For sushi, Yu-mi Sushi is the best in the area. It's a casual atmostphere as well. June was Palm Beach restaurant month, but I know some are carrying it over for the rest of the summer. Some great deals can be had here. Cafe Boulud is one example. IMO, palm beach's best restaurant, and you can do a 3 course meal for $35 pp. View the menu here -

    1. We just visited this on a recent rec request.....see this thread for detailed resto info:

      1. Thank you. Please advise regarding Sushi: Is Hayashi still open, on my way from the airport to the hotel I could lunch there easily.

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          I haven't been and don't drive on Northlake too often so I couldn't tell you. Yu-mi is probably less than a mile from there though and I can guarentee you it will satisfy!

        2. Advise on restaurants on Blue Heron or North Lake in the West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach Florida area

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            While you are here, make sure you hit one of the seafood recs in my above post link. Leftovers would be my highest rec for casual mid priced around guaranteed.

          2. Thai and Sushi: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: I am told there is a new restaurant near the Publix on PGA near Military Road. Has anyone been there?

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              There are three places right there for sushi - Saito's, Sushi Jo, and Sushi Yama. Sushi Yama is the new one and is in the Publix center. It's on par with the other two although has a bigger all around menu and sushi menu than Sushi Jo and is probably similar in menu size to Saito's. Rolls are priced on par too - $8-10. Of the three it's probably the best, but, IMO, it's not a GREAT place. You can get half price certificates at though, which may be reason enough to check it out. Yu-mi is still my overall #1, and second in the area for me is Asian Fin, which is small, but the quality of fish was top notch.

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                check out sushi jo in the gardens area and on the way from the airport check out ginza on village blvd- was just there on sat night very good!- and on the island get delivery from pizza lino- best dough and cheese around and they deliver