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Jul 19, 2009 06:56 PM

Charleston, SC Where to eat?

I am going to Charleston for a conference Wed.-Sat. this week. I am staying at the Charleston Marriott, which I think is downtown?

What are the best restaurants on a moderate budget?

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  1. Charleston may be the most discussed city on this board. You might want to do a will find many, many threads and suggestins that way. I recently had a wonderful meal at Cru Cafe.

    Also, I think the Marriott is somewhat distant from most of the downtown restaurants; it may be a bit of a walk to many places.

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      bbqdawg is're gonna need a cab to get to the downtown restaurants.

      Enjoy the city.

    2. If you can only eat at one Charleston restaurant, eat at SNOB.

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        The "Liberace" atmosphere of SNOB was a turn-off to me, and I found the shrimp&grits to be just okay, and the snapper dish to be pretty uninspired. I'd recommend FIG, Hominy Grill, Peninsula Grill, Trattoria Lucca, Tristan, and Circa 1886 over SNOB.

      2. Do yourself a favor and check the blog "Chuck Eats" to see what he says about chef Brock's offerings at McCrady's.

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          I just got back from Charleston on Sunday. We ate at Cypress on Friday night. The tuna that my wife had was very good and the lobster bisque that I had as an appetizer was very good as well. I had the shellfish grits and they were cold and didn't have much flavor. We ate at Magnolia's for lunch on Saturday. It was fantastic. It continues to be one of my favorite restaurants. I had the shrimp and grits and my wife had the mahi over succotash. We split the fried green tomatoes for an app. Everything was exceptional. For dinner on Saturday night we went to Fig. That was one of the best meals that I have ever eaten. For appetizers we had gnocchi, cucumber soup, and the heirloom tomato salad. For dinner I had the grouper wrapped in panchetta and my wife had the snapper over corn risotto. It was all amazing. Oh, and we had the molten chocolate cake with mint chocolate ice cream on top...unreal. I would not miss Fig or Magnolia's. You can't go wrong with either one.

        2. If you're going to be in Charleston on a Saturday, definately check out the farmer's market in Marion square for breakfast/brunch/lunch. You can get a wood fired pizza, wonderful crepe, or killer omlette for <$10.

          Also, Gualiart & Maliclet (sp?) AKA "Fast & French" on Broad Street offers a very affordable lunch and a not-too-expensive dinner and the food is great. They have communal tables, so don't go during a busy time unless you don't mind eating with strangers.

          Raval on upper King is a good night spot and they have decent tapas. They're not outrageously expensive.

          Hominy Grill on Rutledge Avenue is a Charleston staple. I've never eaten there for dinner, but their brunch was always good. Brunch will run you $8-12, not sure about dinner prices.

          Charleston Cafe in Mount Pleasant (formerly the Bookstore Cafe when it was located on King Street) is open for Breakfast and lunch and is also in the $8-12 range. For some reason I have breakfast on the brain. Sorry you're getting all my breakfast suggestions.

          Like...what kind of food are you looking for? Charleston has a bit of everything. If you're willing to drive, you can get some excellent ethnic food in the 'burbs (mmm, taco trucks...)