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Chinese food in Palm Beach Co.

I just moved to West Palm Beach and am looking for some great Chinese food. I've tried a few places and they were awful. It all tasted like it was off of a steam table. HELP!

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  1. if anyone finds a good one let me know, the buffets I have been to are truly dreadful.

    1. Dixon Li's Oriental Express
      5283 Lake Worth Rd
      Greenacres, FL 33463-3365
      (561) 969-2828

      This is our favorite Chinese restaurant. Excellent! If you try the wonton soup you'll be amazed.
      We live on the Intracoastal in Lake Worth, so when we order delivery we call Wok Crazy. Always great!

      1. I agree witn rainsooty.Dixon's is very good. rainsooty.I may be your neighbor... I'm on south Palmway

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          Hi neighbor :-) We're on S. Lakeside.....small world!
          Do you ever call Wok Crazy for delivery? We like it a lot, but it does seem to take a while for them to get here....like an hour and a quarter, sometimes, if we call in the 7 - 8 p.m. time slot...... ~rainroosty~ (nice to see someone here from the neighborhood!)

        2. Singing Bamboo on Military just north of Okeechobee is good and has gotten good praise on the boards. Authentic menu, plus they do a nice dim sum.

          1. Please post the places you did not like so we know. You didn't go to Crazy Buffet on Okeechobee Blvd., did you?

            My recs:

            Singing Bamboo and Grand Lakes. Ask for Chinese and dim sum menus if you don't want Americanized version.

            Grandlake Chinese Cuisine
            7750 Okeechobee Blvd West, Palm Beach, FL

            Singing Bamboo Chinese Restaurant
            2845 N Military Trl West Ste A11, Palm Beach, FL

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                I got sucked in to trying crazy buffet once just once that was enough i really did not think it was that good

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                  Yeah, wife & I went to Crazy Buffet. We checked out the food on the buffet and walked out. Won't ever go back again.

                2. i almost gave up on florida chinese until i found uncle joe's on northlake blvd and military in the wendys parking lot......try the bejing crispy chicken it got me hooked

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                    I forget the name of it but the chinese buffet on the sw corner of atlantic and military next to golds gym is really really good.. worth checking out

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                      it is called new china buffet
                      5040 W Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL
                      my grand mother used to go here stay away from the sushi the rest of it is OK Chinese based on weekday dinner prices typical American Chinese sweet salty really what we grew up on, not back room local authentic but I do not apologize for liking sickly sweet spicy salty

                  2. Thanks for all the good suggestions. I will try Singing Bamboo this week, it's close to where I live.

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                      I had the dim sum there....amazing. If you like mussels they make them in the wok with black bean sauce. So good.

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                        they have a lot of good food try everythingg

                      2. Anybody know of a place in downtown WPB - in walking distance of the courthouse?

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                          There is a place called chopstix at the corner of 4th and olive. I've never eaten there so I can't speak for the quality of the food, just that it exists.

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                            There is a take out place at 330 Clematis St. (don't remember the name, maybe Hong Kong Kitchen) right behind where Massa's used to be. It's not too bad and there is a wonderful courtyard in the back with a fountain and shade with tables for you to have lunch. It's a great place to escape the office for an hour. Also try the new Arepera next to the Chinese, it was really tasty and fresh. Arepas are a South American version of a pocket bread sandwich. I had one yesterday for the first time and will definitely go back for more.

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                              Thank you! If I ever get called to jury duty again, I will check it out.

                              My friend (who I was trying to help find a place to eat) was there the other day for jury duty and went into Chopsticks. He said the place smelled like curry so he only ordered wonton soup and an egg roll and ate outside. He said they were "ok".

                              Thanks again for the input... :)