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Jul 19, 2009 06:10 PM

Ossining, NY Area: Cheap & Good Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner (25 guests)

My future mother-in-law offered to pay for our rehearsal dinner. She is a single woman on a budget, and I would love your suggestions for good, affordable restaurants in the area, which could host a party of 20-25. We are a casual, flexible group who is simply looking to be fed and share a glass of wine or a beer after we rehearse. Someone suggested Isabella's in downtown Ossining. Any ideas? Many thanks!

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  1. Isabella's is good, but not cheap. If you're interested in something more casual (and ethnic) Churrasqueira Ribatejo (Portuguese grill) on Spring Street is good AND cheap, and they will work with you on a party menu.

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      I will give them a call tomorrow. A restaurant that is cheap, good, and cooperative is hard to beat.

    2. Try Goldfish, they do prix fixe dinners for $19 on Sunday, food is good and varied.

      1. Q BBQ in Mt.Kisco would be ultra low key but fun and good food

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          What a great idea! My future mother-in-law loves bbq, and I like the idea of ultra low key during a wedding weekend. Thanks!

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            oh good...keep us posted and congratulatons

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              If BBQ's on the list, consider Memphis Mae's in Croton - a bit closer than Mt. Kisco, and pretty great. No separate room for a party, though, so they might not be able to accomodate 25 folks.

          2. Umami in Croton could be good (if you are in the summer months, they have a "porch" that could work)

            Justin Thyme (have a back room that might sit 25 people) - also in Croton.

            Boathouse in Ossining might work, if they'll do a private party (depends when your rehearsal is, I imagine)