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Jul 19, 2009 05:51 PM

Schroon Lake area -- looking for moderate to high end interesting cuisine

Hi all,

We're heading to the Schroon Lake area this week, and my initial internet research isn't uncovering much that gets me terribly excited....Am I missing something? Ideally we'd love to find a dinner spot that has an interesting and varied menu -- local ingredients a big plus. Not stuffy or pretentious, preferably on the water or with interesting views.

Would love to find someplace where innovative chefs are doing creative things with great ingredients and where mozzarella sticks are featured NOWHERE on the menu.

Willing to range farther afield for good food as well!

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

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  1. A few years ago, we ate at Friends Lake Inn (20 minutes from Schroon Lake) and enjoyed a wonderful meal. It's not quite *interesting* in terms of avant garde cuisine, but it was far from mozzarella sticks. I recommend it.

    1. unfortunately there is absolutely nowhere in schroon lake that would meet your criteria. my family lives in the area and i have spent my entire life visiting and there is no such thing as fine dining. there is a cute cafe in town called the morningstar (after marjorie morningstar, a movie filmed there in the 1950's) cafe. nice people, nice sandwiches and soups. search online for bistro tallulah in glens falls, about 45 minutes south of schroon. we haven't eaten there but have heard good things. friend's lake inn is very nice, chestertown area. lots of good restaurants in saratoga springs too.

      1. There is a restaurant South of Schoon Lake in Pottersville, I think. It's in an old inn. It had a sophisicated feel with some fancier dishes. Help, anyone? But on the whole, Suse48 is right. For casual in Schoon Lake, I like Pitkins. Try the ribs. And surprisingly good and different pizza at DeCeseares. But NOT fancy.

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          south of schroon lake, in pottersville, is the wells house.

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            The Owl at Twilight would have been perfect, but it is now closed. Anyone have more info on Wells House.

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              try name of the restaurant is...once upon a moose cafe. we had a nice meal there, beer and wine only.

          2. Indeed, the Adirondacks is not known for its culinary delights - many other delights, yes!!! But food? NO!

            The only restaurant we bother to go to anymore is Melody Lodge in Speculator. It's very good.

            Closer to you would be the new Italian restaurant in Copperfield Inn (North Creek). I'm not even sure if it's open yet. The Inn was closed for awhile but is now reopened. There's a bar there too with pub food.

            We spend a lot of time in Minerva NY (close to Schroon Lake). Believe me when I tell you - don't get your hopes up. LOL

            By the way, local ingredients in the Adirondacks is even tougher. It is a not a farming area, and everything served will be brought in from far away.

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              1. Friends Lake Inn, for sure.