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Jul 19, 2009 05:37 PM

In-laws are visiting--help!

My Midwestern in-laws are visiting soon and are doubtless to ask us where to eat. They always say, "take us where you like to eat, but nothing too expensive." The problem is my husband and I like spicy. My in-laws believe paprika to be "hot" and expensive to be over $12-13 a plate. Additionally, they only eat fish or veggies. Any suggestions? We live on the west side of Baltimore, but can travel. Thanks!

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  1. 1.olive grove on reisterstown rd in pikesville serve the G and M crabcake
    2. sushi
    3. cook at home

    1. How about Catonsville Gourmet? Good food, lots of fish, nothing too scary for the in-laws. The most expensive thing on the very good lite fare menu is a seafood roll for $13.99. (The most expensive full-blown entree is $26.99.) I think it would be a good compromise between foodies and non-foodies. It's BYOB and on your side of town.

      1. Try one of the 4 Donna's. There are entrees on their menu for 15-16 dollars and the food is terrific.