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Jul 19, 2009 05:27 PM

My birthday is coming Aug 1: Looking for new place to go to dinner with my family+friends

My 53rd birthday is coming on August 1. My sister+niece+Nephew are taking me to dinner on my birthday. Looking at a new restaurant to go to dinner that I have not tried before. I like French bistro,or something that uses fresh local produce,fish from Toronto /Ontario. Areas of city: Annex, beaches perhaps, or by Lake Ontario /waterfront. Also searching for a good gourmet Kosher bistro (not deli) something small,quiet,on a nice side street. Marc.

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  1. You didn't say where you have been, but it sounds like Loire fits the bill for your birthday dinner.

    As for a small, quiet Kosher bistro, I don't think that exists in Toronto.

    1. The only gourmet kosher bistro is Marron which is on Eglinton a few blocks west of Bathurst. I was there three years ago and really liked it.

      If you are looking for a fish place (I am assuming you will eat fish in a non-kosher restaurant), and not knowing where you have been before, you may want to try Starfish. It is on Adelaide St East in downtown Toronto. There are many non-shellfish options on the menu. I love the food.

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        Yes, Marron bistro is very small and quite nice.

      2. Bloor Street Diner, Studio Cafe, the Brown Derby