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Jul 19, 2009 05:22 PM

Good rye in MPLS

My wife and I have been looking for a good rye bread in Minneapolis or environs, with no luck. Yes, we can find good bread that is indeed rye, but the rye flavor is very subdued. We want it to be VERY rye-ey. Any hints, or anyone else find this to be a problem?

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  1. French Meadow Bakery has a 100 % European rye in small packages. It appears that they have the Dimpfelmeyer company in Canada make it for them. I've gotten this bread from the Wedge Coop. It's in the freezer section at the Mississippi Market Coop. I might have seen it in the frozen section at Whole Foods. It's very good toasted.

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      I like the French Meadow stuff too. You might also try Fishman's Kosher Deli on Minnetonka Blvd.

    2. Cecils in Saint Paul makes a great Rye.

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        Second Cecils rye. Nice 'n' strong rye flavor. I also like the denser texture.

      2. While it may not be perfect for a pastrami sandwich BCC (we saw it at the mill city farmers market) makes a really great all-rye bread (without seeds). Significantly more than the ersatz caraway flavor you might find in the supermarket bread aisle (or cecils for that matter which, while better than grocery models just doesnt impress me much- too flimsy).

        1. A friend brought over some Rye bread from Mort's Deli. It was outstanding. Plenty of extra rye seeds in the bottom of the bag.

          1. Since there appears to be some confusion, and its not entirely clear from your post, are you looking for bread with intense rye flour taste, or intense caraway taste? there are no such things as "rye seeds" as rye is a grain and flour from rye (or whole cracked grains, or a combination of those two and regular wheat flour) is used in making the bread.

            I believe that the rye i sampled from BCC was actually unseeded, but had about the highest rye content (and more flavor from not being overly processed) of any ive tried around. with high rye content comes some sacrifice in terms of soft-ness, so that may be a consideration in your search.

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              I think Morts gets their bread from Breadsmith but I could be wrong. Not my favorite (a weak point ). Cecils and Crossroads have good options.