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Jul 19, 2009 04:24 PM

cooked radishes

It occurs to me I only ever eat radishes raw; seems the vast amount of recipes for them don't involve cooking either (e.g. salads).

How have you cooked/eaten radishes? Any great dishes I'm just blanking on?

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  1. My MIL used to cook (boil) radishes when my wife was a kid, to his day I can't get her to even look at one raw or cooked.

    Daikon show up cooked in Japanese cuisine, most notably in Oden. After trying it I can understand my wife better.

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      I just tried a Korean daikon, which is fatter and squatter than the Japanese. It is also sharper, more like the small Western ones.

    2. Lots of great recipes in this recent thread called "radishes are in season, now what" --

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        Braised! Who'd've thunk! What a great thread.

        As for pickled, that just slipped my mind—love pickled radish

        1. re: tatamagouche

          I never would have thought either. I ended up making carmelized radish pizza and it was really good. I love learning new things on this site.

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            And in a similar vein, grilled. Put them in foil with some butter and seasonings...oh holy God are they good.

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            I use a recipe from James Peterson's cookbook "Vegetables" (very good reference, BTW). Braise them in beef broth and a bit of sugar till radishes are tender and broth has cooked down to a glaze. Season to taste. VERY good.

          3. Yes, braised! I was so surprised that I just really enjoyed radishes when braised. I forgot about that! I used the guidelines in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

            We had a garden with radishes when I was little, and I was never very excited about them. That changed when I tried the braised radishes. mmm.

            1. Until I saw this thread, I actually never thought of cooking radishes! Have to try some of these ideas.

              But one way I really like raw radishes is sliced and served along side burgers or hot dogs instead of potato chips. Still crunchy, hardly any salt, and no fat.

              1. I saw a blog recipe for a tortilla espanola made with radishes instead of potatoes. Apparently once cooked they closely resemble potatoes with a slightly pepper bite.