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Jul 19, 2009 04:07 PM

Can you name any good buffets in Boca or North Broward?

Does North Broward or the Boca area have any good all-you-can-eat buffet (Asian or otherwise) restaurants?


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  1. A relatively new Asian buffet that does not seen to leave its food sweating on the steam table is East Fusion Buffet on the east side of University Dr. just south of Royal Palm Blvd. (Copans Rd.) in Coral Springs.

    The dinner buffet has an abundance of fresh, delectable seafood--both prepared and raw bar, the buffet entrees are prepared in a number of cuisines. Service is excellent, and the atmosphere is very nice. Our family has had dinner there twice,and I went for lunch with a friend once. We look forward to getting back there.

    The lunch buffet has fewer seafood treats, but it is very good and fresh as well.

    (BTW, in that same plaza is another Asian restaurant (non-buffet) that is my absolute favorite in the area. Teejay's Thai Sushi.)

    2101 N. University Dr.
    Coral Springs, FL 33071