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Jul 19, 2009 03:53 PM

Does anyone do veggie donburi-Not Ten Don?

Hey 'Hounders:

Wondering if anyone knows where to get veggie Don. There are a lot of places that do don with meat and veggie tempura don (Ten Don) I even saw a place where the do a sort of cooked veggie stew don. But what I'm looking for is veggies intact, steamed or sauteed over the rice bowl with the yummy sweet/salty don sauce. And Japanese noodle house type places are great because they have all the proper sprinklings and such. Are these the ramblings of a crazy person or does such a place/dish exist? It could be a completely non-legit fantasy and a slap in the face to Don experts everywhere for all I know. But, if anyone has any non-fried veggie don thoughts I'd love to hear 'em! Thanks!

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