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Jul 19, 2009 03:22 PM

Mid wilshire restuarant for 8 cheap/fun

Hey everyone,

I need to find a place centrally located around fairfax/midwilshire even as far as hollywood that is not too adventurous, fits a table of 8, and is about 10-15 a person. We just want comfortable and pretty good. Any ideas are appreciated.

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  1. Not sure how adventurous "too adventurous" is, but I'd go Nyala on Fairfax, I know there's some haters on this board but it's straight forward Ethiopian food for beginners, a non-intimidating comfy room and hits your price point. Besides the fact that you eat with your hands it's pretty straight ahead meat and vegetables and you can order things mild if you like. You could also get out of Luna Park at Wilshire and LaBrea for 10-15 if you're not trying to push it with drinks. Maybe push together a couple tables at the Farmer's Market and then people can order what they want and be as adventurous as they want or not. It's actually kind of nice at night. Is this lunch or dinner? Your choices are going to be relatively limited if you're looking for a 10 dollar dinner AND comfortable AND a table of 8 people me thinks...

    1. Swingers?

      Maybe Golden State? They have one big table that seats 8 in the window. Not sure, but they might reserve it for you if you call ahead. Otherwise, it would be hard to pull together enough tables.

      Or maybe 8 oz. on Melrose. Might get away for $15/per ithout drinks, depending on what you order.

      1. sake house on la brea is a lot of fun for groups. could probably do a family style arrangement for about $15 a person, i would imagine.

        Sake House Miro
        809 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036