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Do I need to replace this pot?

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I have a stupid question due to something stupid I did. I was cooking some rice and accidently burnt some of it. The pot it was in was non-stick and pretty new so the rice came out with no problem. Is this pot still useable or do I need to replace it? I'm worried that the non-stick coating will mix in with anything I cook in it. (The pot is a Cusinart GreenGourmet so its not a teflon/PTFE non-stick pot.)

I cleaned the pot with soap and water and it looks like it did before this cooking disaster. Do I need to replace this pot or can I still use it?


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  1. If the surface is intact, it is fine. If it feels rough to the touch, or if part of it is less shiny that the rest, toss it.

    I am betting that it is fine.

    1. If you'd blackened the entire pot of rice, I'd say toss it. However, it appears as if you've got a very good-quality piece of cookware. I'd keep it.