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Jul 19, 2009 02:50 PM

Sunday Brunch at The Four Seasons: The Fountain Room vs The Swann Cafe

American Express just sent me a $25 dining certificate (ok, it's a coupon) for any Four Seasons restaurant and I'm thinking about taking my wife there for a birthday brunch (I hope she's not reading this!).

If I am reading the website correctly, brunch at The Swann is a buffet and The Fountain is ala carte? But when I called about pricing, I'm pretty sure the person told me that the price was the same for both ($68/pp).

So how does it work at The Fountain? Can you just order whatever you want and you just pay the one price vs making trips to the buffet at The Swann? The sample menus posted on the website are different as well. It looks like The Fountain's is more extensive.

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  1. The Swann is a totally buffet experience. The Fountain is a buffet of cold apps. and an off the menu main course that you choose. The food is good at both but the menu at the Fountain is totally different from the Swann. Its really a matter of which you prefer.

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      I don't think they are the same price; pretty sure that the Fountain is more expensive.

    2. The Swann Buffet is the more variety and a better experience IMO.

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        Haven't had the brunch at the swann Cafe but love the brunch at the Fountain -- zillions of great buffet selections, then an a la carte entree, followed by a dessert Buffet! What could be better?