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Jul 19, 2009 02:44 PM

Where can I find the best Italian Food in Buenos Aires

I have been to Buenos Aires 3 times since January 09. Where can I find the Best Italian Food? I am not looking for anywhere fancy. Just a good ole local spot turning out good Italian Food. No Tourists just locals have a good meal in a good place. Thanks in advance..

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  1. Tell us where have you eaten (i mean italian places) so far in BsAs so we can give you reccs.

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    1. re: LRS

      LRS, Thanks just had pizza so far and lots and lots of meat. Want to venture out to some Italian. Will be in town end of August.. Thanks

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        I'd say you should give Il Matterello a try. Small nice place, owned by a family with roots in Genoa. It's located in La Boca (address: Martin Rodriguez 517. tel. 4307-0529.). Everything on the menu is good—make sure to get something on the specials menu. If someone tries try dissuade you from going to at night-pay no heed. Post back. If you don't like it I'll give you other reccs.

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          Thanks LRS, just did a google this is the kind of place that I am seeking. Saltshaker wrote it up with photos 3 years ago. But if you dont mind now with another rec or two that would be nice. I have heard of EL Obereo (sp) in Boca as well. A blend of Italian and Parillia??

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            The thing is it is very difficult to find GREAT italian food with no tourists (unless you're having gnocchi). I don't know how you like your pasta, and I don't know what you mean by "Best Italian Food", but in BsAs they have their own way of cooking pasta which is probably very different from what you have had in Italy or at other italian places elsewhere. In most cheap neighborhoody places pasta tends to be overcooked, the pasta can be fresh, yes, but its generally not al dente, so depending on what you like you could go to many local places, lets say around Monserrat, Once, etc or to more touristy ones (like La Strada, Primafila, don chicho). That's why I asked you where had you eaten. Check out Il Matterello.

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              Thanks for the detailed reply LRS.. I will give II Matterello a try. Have not had Italian so I have no beanchmark. Just like to local places. Im not a fan of places like La Cabrera with all the North Americans lining up. Parilla Pena is more my style a true foodie find.. Thanks again

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              I second Il Matterello. Probably a little different from what you have had in the states and in Italy but still very good. Better than Piegari, which everyone seems to mention when the topic of Italian food in Buenos Aires comes up.

      2. Sotto Voce, on Libertador, has excellent Italian food. Have fun.

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            as much as Sotto Voce on Libertador is getting some love. I am in search of a more simple place. A true Hound experience. Perhaps missing on the decor but not lacking in flavor and quality. When I saw that Sotto has a Puerto Madero location I said pass..

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              My favourite Italian place is Guido's Bar, opposite the zoo in Palermo. The place is gorgeous, the atmosphere fantastic and the food, fresh and stunning. You get served a selection of what's been made on the day (usually some pizza, different pastas, maybe a risotto, some meat or fish and other delicious dishes to share plus dessert and drinks for about 90-100 pesos per person which isn't cheap but certainly worth it!)

              Another place I like is Pinnucio & Figli with an amazing selection of antipasti and pasta. Cantina Don Corleone in San Telmo is very good and I would also definetely second Il Matterello as one of the best options. I agree with you re Puerto Madero...what a tourist trap!

              1. re: Paula76

                I went to Guido's tonight. The place is tiny and the walls are covered in photos of celebs and landscapes. As soon as we sat down, we had 4 small plates of food on our table. For AR$100, we got a 4 course meal, including wine, water, and coffee. For the first course, we had some good antipastos like pizza, polenta pizza, caponata, tomato/zucchini/mozzerela salad, and fennel salad. Pasta course was a veggie risotto that was OK and a mushroom orrchietti (little ears) pasta that was excellent. Meat course was a butterflied pork loin w/ a rich hollandaise style sauce and fries.

                The first wine they brought us was a 2009 malbec that was not good (the grapes must have been harvested 6 months ago and it showed). I asked for a Postale Cab for the second bottle and it was much better. I'm not sure how many bottles you get with your meal, but other tables seemed to get different wines so that is why I asked for these other bottles (I have a feeling they brought us the crappiest wine first, while giving the locals better wines).

                Overall, 8/10. Dinner takes 2.5 hrs although some other tables seemed to get through the meal much more quickly. We had to wait a while between courses, which seems to be the norm in BA.

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                did you to Il Matterello? how is it these days?

            2. F&W:
              Italians, mostly from Napoli, made it to Argentina around 1880. And that was it.
              As any other immigrant group, they fused their inheritance with local customs & ingredients. And that was it.
              If you try to find in Argentina what matches your latest trip to Milano, fugghet it.
              And viceversa: don't waste your time trying to find anything even closely ressembling Buenos Aires' fugazza and/or faina anywhere east of the Atlantic maremagnum.
              Both kitchens have been evolving along disparate pathways for the last 100+ years.
              You wont find contemporary Italian food in Arg.
              You won't'find contemporary Argentinian food in Italy.
              Vive la différence!

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                I have been to BA twice now and have tried Il Matterello. I highly recommend it. The place is small and cozy, the food good, the staff friendly and helpful even though I speak no Spanish. I also recommend El Cuartito at Talcahuano 937 for pizza. Good pizza, GREAT atmosphere, been there since 1934. Try the fugazza (splng). They sell pizza by the pie or slice and even have club soda available in old seltzer type dispensers. As a native of Brooklyn, I highly recommend the pizza. It is a true Chowhound experience.

                1. re: rcooperman

                  Yes I was there on Monday ( El Cuartito ) the owner showed me around the back room with all the Futbol Pictures and sort. Very nice place and a great guy to boot..