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Jul 19, 2009 02:39 PM

Location to host a BBQ

Hey Hounders,

I'm looking for an outdoor location for me to host a bday bbq in sept. As of right now, the only place I know I can do this is prospect park. I'm hoping for something a little closer to home...i.e. in manhattan. Preferably where we can all drink as well. I'm not fortunate enough to live in a luxury building with a party floor so gotta look for something public.

Anyone know of such a garden of eden?


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  1. Have you inquired about that very large park in the middle of the island, called .... Central?

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    1. re: RCC

      Yeah central park doesn't allow for open flames = no bbqs.

      1. re: RCC

        i don't believe grilling is allowed in central park

        here's a full list. i usually went to east river park when i lived in manhattan

        1. re: david sprague

          I just came across that page. Do you have tips? I read that u got to be there around 9 to get a decent spot. Does it get really packeD?

          1. re: kelea

            can get totally packed in some places. if you don't mind a little trek -- like t jefferson park @ 1st ave -- it's not as bad, but some areas get crazy. ward's island is actually a lot of fun. went to a couple big bbqs there and it's a short walk over a teeny footbridge from the 103rd stop on the 6

      2. look into "water taxi beach" at the seaport

        1. try inwood park waaay up north.

          if you get rained out, indian road cafe is nice

          1. I'm not sure if Ward's Island is in Manhattan or the outer boroughs, but that's a possibility. I know they had BBQ NYC there several years back.