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Jul 19, 2009 02:23 PM

Boston, bachelor party, brunch and pre-Sox grub

Hello folks. A group of 9 are heading to Boston from Canada for weekend of July 24/25 as part of a bachelor party weekend (Groom to be major Sox fan).
We have reservations already for Friday night dinner at Grill 23, and we are staying in Back Bay at the Jurys hotel.
What I am seeking is the following advice:
1. Good Saturday late morning brunch/breakfast to cure 9 good hangovers.
2. Where is best pub food in the Fenway/Kenmore area for pre-game meal on Saturday? What are the ballpark dogs like?
3. What recommended cut of steak does Grill 23 specialize in these days?

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  1. masa is an easy walk from your hotel and does a good brunch, with plenty of the stuff that will, ahem, help absorb your hangovers.

    audobon circle is nearby to fenway and the food is pretty good. if you want standard fare, the boston beerworks nearby brews their own very good beers and has decent food. the ballpark franks these days are kayem, which are perfectly fine, but check out the sausage guy instead.

    steak at the grill -- go for the ribeye.

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    1. If you don't want full on brunch, check out Mike and Patty's -

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        While I am a HUGE fan of Mike and Patty's, I'd have to caution that it is a tiny place with very limited seating. I'm not sure if this would be the best place for a group of nine!

        1. re: CreativeFoodie42

          Yeah, I am re-thinking my post - really not the appropriate place for a bachelor party. I guess I was thinking it would be a good place for a drive-by/walk-by before other activities, but probably not.

      2. 1. Good Saturday late morning brunch/breakfast to cure 9 good hangovers.
        Abe and Louies steak house on Boylston street - good soakage breakfast/lunch

        2. Where is best pub food in the Fenway/Kenmore area for pre-game meal on Saturday?
        What are the ballpark dogs like?

        You gotta have a Feway Frank ....probably not that much different than any other ballpark but part of the experience

        3. What recommended cut of steak does Grill 23 specialize in these days?
        Rib eye

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        1. re: Ciao Beanie

          friday night they're having dinner at grill 23.

          even the world's biggest carnivore might want more than a 12 hour break between steakhouses. ;)

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Appreciate the reccos.... Our group has dwindled down to 7 or so, but no matter. I will no doubt try a Fenway frank, is that the standard dog they serve at the stadium? Or do they have dog guys outside?

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                I must respectfully disagree.

                Dr. Pepper runs the best sausage stand outside the park. Ask for the special Inner Beauty sauce.

        2. I'll run for cover as soon as I say this, but for a group of nine guys pre-game I would have to vote for the Cask N Flagon (I agree Audubon circle has better food), but the Cask is a divey institution (well not so divey anymore), and I think it is loud and fun and the bar food is fine for what it is- a nice base for pre and during game drinking. If you are looking for a more upscale experience definitely pass on my suggestion.

          You also may want to try to duck into the Bleacher Bar for drink, the view of the field is pretty cool for a sox fan.

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          1. re: rr2035

            Divey around Fenway pre-game is good. Cask N Flagon looks very tempting. Any recommendation about what time we shud head in for drinks, a bite, and just plain old fun?? What about this Who's on First place? Any other preFenway places?

            1. re: elliottl

              In order to avoid lines, I'd make sure you are in the fenway area before 5pm on gameday. I personally love the Cask for pregame festivities (but the food isn't great - good fries, and my friends get turkey burgers before many games - the best option according to them). The bleacher bar is a great place to check out, but the area where you can see the field gets packed at least an hour before game time - maybe earlier on a Saturday. If you are planning to check that out I'd say make bleacher bar your first stop and then move on to Cask or Baseball Tavern (great roofdeck at BT) My vote would be some light apps and drinks at one of the bars and grab a sausage before heading into the park. If you are really looking for a meal, Eastern Standard in Kenmore gets a lot of love on this board, or there is Beer Works across from the park.

              1. re: elliottl

                Make sure you use the mens bathroom at the Bleacher Bar. You'll see...

                And I would definitely go here for a couple of drinks

                The Cask isn't a dive anymore : (

                1. re: elliottl

                  I like the Cask for drinks, but don't think I've ever eaten there. It's also not much of a dive anymore like others have said. I think the food at Game On across the street is pretty good for a pub and Beer Works is decent as well. Both will be packed. I usually like to hit these places or Copperfields for drinks and then grab a sausage outside instead. Copperfields is usually less crowded and often has some beer promotion girls. I've scored better tickets from them. Scalp them since you have tickets and drink more with the proceeds!

                  1. re: elliottl

                    I would describe Who's on First as giant hole that has been dug out of the ground! It can definitely been fun, but I have only been there post game when my decision making capability is a little more flexible. Not sure if they serve food there, but it can be fun. I would also jump on the Baseball Tavern bandwagon, that is a lot of fun too. Pretty much when is there is a game, esp on a Saturday everything in the area will be crowded, fun and hopping. Have a great trip and let us know how it goes!