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Jul 19, 2009 02:04 PM

Eating out in London

New York-based hound here. I am actually from London but left years ago. I try and get back across the pond as often as possible and will be heading there next month. I will be there for a good two weeks and would like to hit as many places as possible. I'm looking for buzz-worthy, good, honest food in any neighborhood. I've already been to and really liked (over the years) St. John's (but only the Spitalfields location), Terroirs, Fox & Anchor, Club Gascon, some of the original and early gastropubs like The Eagle (though haven't revisited in years), RSJ and more....

Some of the spots above were chosen b/c of the small-producer/natural/organic wine lists, as well as the food.

Are there any new or old spots that I should hit? I'm very open and would love to hear some recommendations. If you're familiar with NY - I love Lupa, Ten Bells, Diner, Marlowe & Sons, Kefi...just to give you an idea of what my tastes are...also if there are any essential Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi restos that I should go to, please let me know about those too. New York is a bit behind on good Indian food.

Finally, with the dollar being as low as it is, please don't recommend any pricey or posh spots.

Thanks fellow chowhounders!


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  1. Actually, the dollar isn't all that low against the pound and was actually much stronger earlier in the year. I'd hardly say £1 = $1.63 was low given that it was £1 = $2.10 only a couple years ago.

    Beyond that, I suggest a search. Limster has reported back recently about a number of spots all over town.

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      Hi Nanette,

      You're right, the exchange rate is much better but I still balk and only getting 60p back for my dollar. Still I guess I shouldn't complain b/c it was a lot worse not so long ago.

      Thanks for the Limster tip!

    2. Nanette beat me to saying something about the dollar to pound ratio. It really *is* fairly good now (I'm an American who travels back a bit) compared to some years I've lived in the UK. It's to your advantage now.

      I ate at Lupa in May and agree that it's a great spot (but very noisy!). For a fast lunch if in the Soho area, you might enjoy Princi which has very good Italian salads and mains. I always have a good meal there. Their desserts are terrific. Everyone has different opinions about where to eat 'subcontinent' food... I'm sure someone here will pipe up with some suggestions and do search this board for lots of good ideas.

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      1. Pam, you may think this is too much hassle, but if you are serious about good food it is essential (maybe it is a true test of how serious a visitor is about finding the best). Head down the "The Sportsman" in Whitstable for a mid-week lunch. It isn't that far on the train and it is rapidly gaining a reputation for some of the best cooking (of its genre) in the UK.

        My other fave at the moment is The Harwood Arms in Fulham (next to Stamford Bridge), I find that every trip to London includes a trip to the Harwood, it will be interesting for you to see how the "gastro-pub" has matured over the years, their Venison Scotch Egg is a modern classic.

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        1. re: PhilD

          Did some searching online and I really like the sound of your suggestions. Harwood Arms is on the agenda now and I may just take a little trip out of London to visit The Sportsman. Thanks so much!

          1. re: PamG


            I would second PhilD on the Harwood Arms. A Fave of mine and for the money some of the best food in London right now. It was so good the first time I immediately booked again for the following week.
            The whole menu is good but the warm scotch egg as a pre starter is a must.

            1. re: Paprikaboy

              Thanks Paprikaboy. I am definitely going to have dinner there. Actually I'm salivating over the prospect already. I will report back on my experience.

        2. Another thought, have you tried Konstam yet? Something like 90% of the food is sourced/grown within the confines of the Underground and there is a focus on the seasonal.

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            1. re: PhilD

              My experience was more like some of the others half way down the page, though perhaps they've slipped since I was there last autumn. If one feels it is pricey, try for lunch, looks a bit more reasonable should it be of interest.