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Jul 19, 2009 01:51 PM

Montpelier for brunch

I am meeting an old friend in Montpelier for brunch - we have young kids with us and neither of us lives in town. Any suggestions for where to meet would be appreciated - especially if there is a nearby park or playground. Thanks!!

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  1. When you say brunch, do you mean you want something like a brunch buffet, or would just a good restaurant work for you?

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    1. re: Morganna

      Just a casual type of restaurant - thanks!

      1. re: Morganna

        Then I need to recommend Skinny Pancake on Main Street. :)

      2. There's a collective food market there (forget the name) which makes excellent sandwiches.

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        1. re: zarquon

          Hunger Mountain Coop. There's also the Uncommon Market, on Elm. That's not a coop, though. Really, right now (at least until Samosaman opens up his restaurant), Skinny Pancake is the best food in Montpelier for freshness, local produce, friendly service, and portion size. :) They serve their breakfast menu all day, but they have lots of other options, including fondues. :)

          1. re: zarquon

            Re: Hunger Mountain Coop-You may not have been in awhile- the sandwiches are now skimpy and made with sub-par meats. They used to be made with Applegate meats, now new management has changed to chain bread and non-ethically raised watery tasting deli meat. I don't mind paying for a good quality sandwich, they don't seem to 'get it' here anymore...

            1. re: vermontperson

              Seconded. I ate at the coop today, it will do for lunch if you need to get some shopping done but it's nothing I would recommend.

          2. NECI (New England Culinary Inst) does a decent Sunday brunch, nothing especially amazing, but not bad either.