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Jul 19, 2009 01:39 PM

Pancetta fat for risotto?

I'm making risotto with asparagus and crispy pancetta tonight. I just rendered off the pancetta, and was thinking of using the fat left to start the risotto instead of butter, but I'm thinking it would be too greasy. Anyone ever try using this as a substitute?

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  1. Not tried it, however, I might be a little concerned that the flavored oil (as opposed to, say, in a carbonara or similar pasta sauce), might overpower the delicacy of the asparagus. If you toast the aromatics, rice, etc., in the oil, it just make everything taste a bit porky. On the other hand, could be great.

    1. I poured off half, and used half the butter I normally would. I'll report back.

      1. I often make a bacon and pea risotto and do exactly as you suggest with the bacon fat. I always pour some of it off though, because it's too much. I think everything tasting a bit porky is a good thing!

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          It turned out really good, I'd do it the same way again. Can't wait to make risotto cakes served over mesclun for tomorrow night's dinner.