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Jul 19, 2009 01:37 PM

Inexpensive Sushi Near Westwood

My sister is in town and would like to have sushi, but it has to be very easily reached and found near Westwood Village. She is far from an expert and does not demand authenticity or omokase. Think good rolls and the simplest sushi. Being from St. Louis, I'm hoping to find somewhere that would give her nd my mom a fun, good meal without spending a lot of time or money.

A few years ago, I took her to En Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd. and it worked out fine. I know there are a couple of places in Westwood Village, maybe all-you-can-eat and a higher level place on Broxton. Any feedback? Would anywhere on Sawtelle meet this criteria? I will have to give them VERY simple driving directions, so the closer and simpler the better.

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  1. Hide, U-zen and Masu are all potential candidates. Hide on Sawtelle, Masu on Westwood Blvd. just south of SM Blvd. and U-zen on SM Blvd. just barely east of Bundy.

    1. Hi Nosh,

      Its a Sushi Truck, pure LA streetfood..

      These guys are very good. Tried them a week back in El Segundo and was very pleased. Perhaps you can check back on their site when next weeks schedule is posted. They have been in Westwood village the past 2 weeks.. There is a thread on the board here, however its not my style to cut and paste threads:


      1. go down sawtelle

        kiriko is great. gets pricey though.
        hide is good too and less pricey.

        sasabune on wilshire is very good too.

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          I like Kiriko very much. I have not been to the Wilshire Blvd. Sasabune in the years since they moved from their prior location. But I'm sure that both of these could not be considered inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination (which is what nosh specifically asked for).

          1. re: travelingmansoul

            Kiriko & Sasabune are not quite appropriate for sushi beginners, and borders on being out of the price range of $80pp.

            Place Yuu (on Sawtelle & Mississippi) may work out better.

          2. Thank you fellow hounds for the helpful and quick recommendations. I have shown my sister some of the web postings and menupages menus for Hide and Masu. Both seem very comparable in terms of offerings, price, and convenience. So I ask you which I should send my sister and mom to, Hide Sushi, Sushi Masu, or does anyone have a strong preference for another in the same area and price range? Also, any particular favorite specialties to order at either place?

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            1. re: nosh

              imho, hide definitely has the better fish.
              masu has a prettier, more comfortable room and dining experience.

              for myself, i would absolutely go with hide.

              1. re: nosh

                They are pretty comparable by my taste buds. Hide can definitely be more crowded at times and tell your sister it's CASH only. I don't think she'll go wrong at either spot. Both can offer "parking" challenges at times. There is a parking lot just a bit past Masu that is cheap but can fill up at times. Sawtelle of course offers other things to stroll by and look at.

                1. If lunch is ok, go to Takao. It will be VERY good and inexpensive.

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                  1. re: jaykayen

                    Takao is not inexpensive!

                    11656 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049